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In this week's Top Topics, two investors share their latest domain sales. One is a $19,500 .TV sale and the other is a six-figure .XYZ deal. Elsewhere, we discuss domain name parking, and does FOMO make you overspend at domain name auctions?

I Sold This .TV for $19,500

A prolific .TV domain investor is back, sharing their latest .TV sale with the community. The domainer, who has previously sold names such as for $50,000, has revealed that they have sold for $19,500.

The deal, which has been sent to DNJournal for verification, was closed with the help of GoDaddy’s Afternic marketplace. As of publishing, the buyer is unknown.

Topic by: @Ammudamus

Does FOMO Make You Overspend?

FOMO, the acronym for Fear Of Missing Out, is often used in 2022 to describe many things. It can undoubtedly describe some aspects of domaining, too. In particular, it relates to the final minutes of a domain auction bidding war.

Here, an investor shares their story of missing out on a domain during a bidding war due to concerns of overspending and potential trademark infringement. It’s noticeable, though, that FOMO can easily cause domain investors to overspend at auctions. Would you agree?

Topic by: @TopBrandsForSale

What’s Wrong With This Name?

This is a valuable reminder for domain investors to check whether their landing pages are resolving as they should be. After receiving an offer on a domain, this investor navigated to that domain’s landing page to check it out, only to be met with an error message saying that the site cannot be reached.

With the help of the community and DNS propagation tests, it was discovered that the landing page only resolves in some places, meaning that numerous potential buyers may be met with an error when visiting the domain.

Topic by: @alcy

How Much Do You Earn From Parking?

In last week’s edition of Top Topics, we touched on the concept of domain name parking, noting that there has been a significant drop in income produced from domain parking over the past decade.

Despite this, plenty of people are still making a healthy income from domain parking. Here, we ask you to share roughly how much you earn from domain parking every month.

Topic by: @TjKiller

I Just Made My First Six-Figure Sale

This week, two six-figure .XYZ domain sales were disclosed. First, Swetha Yenugula scored a $110,000 payday with the domain name, while another investor shared details of their first-ever six-figure sale.

The domain in question, which has been submitted to NameBio’s domain sales database, has reportedly received multiple offers in the past couple of months, and one offer led to a low-six-figure deal.

Topic by: @mjc

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