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Top Topics: I Got Greedy and Lost a Sale; Is Outbound Dead?...

By James Iles, Apr 16, 2018
  1. Top Topics is a weekly feature that highlights some of the most notable discussions in the domain industry. This week, we see how an investor got greedy and lost a sale on a newly registered domain and another domainer asks the community for their opinion on the successfulness of outbound sales.

    Elsewhere, an investor notices that sold in a potential six-figure sale and the industry reacts to the recent Vacation.Rentals domain sale.

    How I Got Greedy and Lost a Sale

    After registering a .CO domain name, this investor performed some outbound sales and managed to get an interested party, who offered $199 for this freshly registered name.

    The negotiations went on and subsequently the buyer ended up at $499, but the investor stubbornly stated at $699. The deal was lost. Along with the story of the lost sale, the investor has given some advice to the community.

    Topic by: @Arpit131


    Is Outbound Dead?

    As you've seen above, outbound domain sales are used by investors to attract potential buyers to their names. In this discussion, a domainer has asked for opinions on the current state of outbound sales opportunities.

    According to the investor who posed the question, their recent attempt at outbound resulted in zero responses. Is it down to an increase in professional spam such as offers of web marketing, or are our emails just being ignored?

    Topic by: @namefork

    The Reaction to the Vacation.Rentals Sale

    This week, it was revealed that the domain Vacation.Rentals sold for $500,300. It's a rare six-figure sale for an extension of this kind and naturally the news has caused a lot of debate.

    Here, investors are reacting to the sale. Was it a short-sighted investment that will send traffic to similar domains in well known extensions or will it be a successful move?

    Topic by: @Crysis

    Did Sell For Six Figures?

    Crypto domain names have been hot property this year. According to NameBio, we've had several five and six-figure "crypto" keyword sales this year alone. Now, it looks as though another name may have sold.

    According to this discussion,, a name with a $250,000 buy now price, entered's concierge service, likely meaning a sale. Based on DomainIQ's data, the name has now moved to show a Bulgarian company as the current owner.

    Topic by: @ramkumaritrvs

    Bonus: New Top Commenter

    With over one million members, NamePros is one of the most popular and active domaining platforms. Many of these members contribute an amazing amount to the forum area. This week, @johname became the member with the most amount of posts to date.

    With 32,677 posts to date, this member has become the top contributor. Congratulations!

    Topic by: @Eric Lyon

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    Yes all highly discussed/debated topics!
    Even though he is kinda of publicity shy congrats to @johname !

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    The fact that the top - commenter (congrats to @johname) gets his own "celebration - thread" on nP started by @Eric Lyon and gets a place in @James Iles's "top topics", "confirms" again my assumption, that it's always the "top" which generates admiration
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