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By James Iles, Dec 23, 2016
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    This will be the last Top Topics before Christmas, so if you are celebrating Christmas, then we wish you a happy holiday! NamePros has some interesting articles lined up for publication over the next week or two, so make sure to periodically check in to read the blog.

    In this week’s Top Topics, we hear from one of the winners of .GLOBAL’s advent calendar giveaway, and an investor asks for advice about renewing a single-letter domain name.

    I Got A Cease and Desist Email. What Do I Do?

    Domain investor @Avtar629 received a cease and desist letter for a domain in their portfolio. That email was sent due to the registration of a Bitcoin domain name that contained the keyword “realtor”. Realtor is a trademarked term, and is proactively protected by the National Association of Realtors.

    What should the investor do in this situation? The options seem to be deleting the domain name or transferring the name to the National Association of Realtors, since continued ownership of the name could result in further problems.

    Topic by: @Avtar629

    Should I Renew This Single-Letter Domain Name?

    New domain name extensions have been with us for quite a while now, but many investors are yet to be convinced that they are worth buying. One domainer was in a dilemma this week after trying to decide whether or not to let a single-letter domain name expire. The domain, a .DIRECTORY domain, costs $140 to renew, so is it worth it?

    According to NameBio, the only single-letter .DIRECTORY domain name that has been publicly sold is, which fetched a price of just $150 at Flippa; $10 more than the renewal fee. What would you do?

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    I Just Won

    Dot Global, the company who runs the .GLOBAL domain extension, have created their own advent calendar giveaway. The daily competition entails answering a question correctly, after which you’ll be entered into the draw to win a .GLOBAL domain name. Domain investor @frostify won the December 14th contest, and won the domain name

    According to .GLOBAL’s website, the domain name is valued at $4,000. Whatever your views are on new domain extensions, it’s a nice idea from Dot Global, who will no doubt benefit from the additional attention the extension has received throughout the contest.

    Topic by: @frostify

    A Change of Heart from .CLUB Domains?

    In a tweet on December 12th, Jeffrey Sass, the CMO of .CLUB, told his followers that .CLUB would be releasing 9,000 previously reserved domain names. Along with this announcement, several lists were released naming the previously unreleased domains.

    Domain investor @N-A browsed one of the lists, picking out several .CLUB domains to purchase. However, it turns out that many of the domain names that were listed shouldn’t have been. According to Jeffrey Sass (@Sass), a database error meant that some domains were placed on the list incorrectly.

    What should .CLUB do to appease the investors that have spent many hours scouring these lists to find potential acquisitions?

    Topic by: @N-A

    I Sold My First .US Domain For 699,900% Profit

    During a Uniregistry discount sale several months ago, domain investor @Sophia Alice acquired two hundred .US domain names for ten cents each. This week, one of those domain names sold for $699, resulting in an incredible 699,900% profit.

    After receiving an enquiry, @Sophia Alice sent an asking price of $1,500, to which the buyer responded with an offer of $200. Not content, this investor negotiated up to a sales price of $699, which was paid within minutes.

    Congratulations on the sale!

    Topic by: @Sophia Alice

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    Always great content, James. Thank you.

    All the best for the holidays from Bobs.Domains! Take a day or three away and enjoy your family & friends!
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    Very cool to see my post featured :)
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    lol Thankss James for the mention! Although I suspect some on here will get pretty annoyed by the mention. Either way. Hope it helps all other newbies like myself not get into TM issue domains! Yikes! Happy Holidays everyone! and Good Luck to All!
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