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Top Topics: How Was Your August?; I Sold This Domain for $10,000…

By James Iles, Sep 5, 2021
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, domain investors reveal how many domains they sold in August, a domainer shares news of a $10,000 sale, and where have your domain sales originated from recently?

    How Was Your August?

    In the domain name industry, August can be a barren month. With most of the corporate world on vacation and many others focusing more on fun than work, domain sales can dry up.

    Here is your chance to share your August domain sales while seeing how other domainers fared. So far, it seems that there were plenty of investors that didn’t register one sale throughout August.

    Topic by: @DuDD

    I Sold This Domain for $10,000

    This domain investor acquired a three-word .COM in 2019 for $459. According to the discussion, the domainer thought that they paid too much for the name. However, the purchase seems to have paid off, literally.

    Two years after buying the name, the owner has announced the sale of the domain for $10,000. The transaction was closed via

    Topic by: @Joseph CA

    Where Have Your Domain Sales Originated Recently?

    As domain owners, there are numerous options for selling domains. Inbound inquiries can lead to sizable sales, while outbound marketing can offer a quicker sale at a compromised price.

    There are also several leading domain marketplaces that produce regular sales for many domainers. This poll asks you to reveal where the majority of your domain sales have originated over the past three months.

    Topic by: @lknights1987

    I Don’t Use “Make Offer,” Just BIN Pricing

    When listing a domain for sale, there are usually two options. You either invite a buyer to make an offer, or you set a BIN (buy it now) price that anyone can see and take action on. Traditional thinking suggests that a BIN price is used for lower-value domains that could be impulsive buyers, while “make offer” is used on higher-value domains.

    However, this investor has been experimenting with using purely BIN pricing on their domain portfolio and it seems to have been a success. The investor lists several reasons for using BIN pricing in this discussion.

    Topic by: @twiki

    Failed Domain Negotiation - Has This Happened to You?

    Every so often, a potential domain buyer may say they have alternative names in mind, or they will go with a cheaper name if your name is out of their price range.

    It seems that in this case, after a failed domain negotiation, a buyer developed their business on a very similar name to the one they were originally interested in.

    Here, the domain’s owner is content to sit on the name until the buyer returns, but has this situation ever happened to you? Did a buyer ever return to buy your name after initially going with another?

    Topic by: @NickB

    Top Topics of the Week is a blog series featuring the most popular discussions and content within the domain community. Tune in weekly to see what’s trending
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