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Top Topics: How Much is a Single Letter .COM Worth?; I Sold My First Domain for $1,200…

By James Iles, Apr 14, 2017
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    Microsoft aren’t known for selling their domain names, but it looks as though one of their names could have sold this week. The domain name in question is Thanks to DomainIQ, we can see that the name’s status just changed from “clientDeleteProhibited” to “OK”. This on its own doesn’t signify a sale, but none of Microsoft’s other 76,000 names seem to be set to that status. It’s definitely worth watching this name to see what happens.

    Here’s this week’s Top Topics. Sold for $40,000

    This week at NameJet, the domain name sold for $40,000 with two bidders battling for over an hour, bringing the bidding from $15,000 up to $40,000. Aside from being a memorable four-letter .COM with a distinct pattern, VR stands for “virtual reality”, which is a popular technology trend at the moment with many investors opting to acquire virtual reality related domain names to add to their portfolios.

    The domain name was acquired by a Chinese domain name investor, using the services of a Chinese company to acquire the name. In this discussion, investors are commenting on the sale and what it could mean for other virtual reality related domain names.

    Topic by: @anunt

    How Much is a Single Letter .COM Worth?

    At the moment, there are only three single-letter .COM domain names in existence:, and, but what if ICANN approved the release of the twenty-three other single-letter .COM domain names? Here, investors are discussing the value of these single-letter .COM domain names should they ever be released by ICANN.

    How much would Google pay to buy Would Overstock buy after their disastrous attempt to rebrand to There has only ever been one recorded sale of a single-letter .COM and that was the sale of by Nissan to GMO Internet in 2014 for around $6.8 million. Would the overall value of single-letter .COM’s increase if they were released?

    Topic by:

    jon-tyson-195064.jpg VS

    This past week, information came to light that Walmart paid $9 million for the domain name along with minor assets including social media accounts and trademark registrations. At this year’s NamesCon event, the domain name sold for $1,000 to a domain investor.

    Here, domain investors have been comparing .COM and .XYZ in a comical conversation in which domainers give their opinions on the berth between .COM and .XYZ for both investors and end users.

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

    Which Would You Rather Own: X.Apartments or

    With the release of hundreds of new domain name extensions over the past couple of years, end users have a far wider choice as to the type of domain name they use to promote their business. Here’s an interesting poll for the community based around new domain extensions versus the traditional .COM.

    Would you rather own X.Apartments or Would you buy both or stick to one specific extension?

    Topic by: @Premiums

    I Sold My First Domain Name for $1,200

    This is another motivational story of a new domain investor’s first ever sale. After learning about the domain industry in January, @Isac became a NamePros member on April 1st of this year and has now posted some details of his first ever domain sale.

    The name in question is a two-word .ORG that @Isac registered on December 31st 2016. The new domainer started to conduct an outbound sales process and managed to sell the domain name for $1,200. Congratulations on your first sale @Isac!

    Topic by: @Isac

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