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Top Topics: How Long Until New gTLDs Crash?; eName Releases an English Version

By James Iles, Jul 29, 2016
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we reveal the news that eName has released an English version of their website, as well as documenting a discussion about new gTLDs and we see an investor asking for advice for selling a domain to an end-user. Interestingly, we also have questions from an end-user, who has asked for advice on buying their first domain name.

    Here's this week's Top Topics.

    eName Releases an English Version

    China's most popular domain name registrar has just released an English version of it's website. The team at posted the news in a discussion earlier today, after eName made this historic announcement.

    According to the announcement, the addition of an English version has been made to meet the growing demand from overseas businesses. Is this new release the first step for eName in becoming a truly global registrar?

    Topic by: @Cynthia

    New gTLD Registrations Have Peaked. How Long Until the Crash?

    According to statistics posted to this discussion from, new gTLD registrations have actually dropped by 7,644 within a twelve day period. In the same twelve day period last year, new gTLDs overall showed an increase of 105,879 new registrations.

    Are these figures valid? Do they show the start of a trend towards the overall demise of new gTLDs? Is it unfair to analyse new gTLDs as a single entity? Have your say in the discussion.

    Topic by: @pfj

    Is Sedo a Waste of Time?

    An investor has published their personal experience of the domain name marketplace Sedo. According to the discussion, this investor has around 3,000 domain names listed at Sedo for the past year, and has never completed a sale using the platform. During the same period, the investor reports that he has completed 10 sales through Afternic.

    Other investors have joined the conversation by publishing their own experiences at Sedo, with some posting positive reviews, and some not so positive.

    Topic by: @bazabizo

    Is This End-User Fooling Me?

    After conducting outbound sales on a geo-targeted domain name, this investor received a $450 offer and a warning regarding a supposed trademark on the domain's keywords. The investor is looking for advice as to his next move.

    Is the end-user really the trademark holder for this seemingly generic phrase, or is it a negotiating tactic? Should the investor argue their case, or accept the $450 offer?

    Topic by: @Insha010

    Advice on Buying My First Domain Name

    It's very rare that an end-user reaches out to the domain name community to ask for advice on a new purchase. The community has a wealth of knowledge, but very few business owners use it to educate themselves.

    Fortunately, one business owner has bucked that trend by asking advice on their first ever domain name purchase for their business. The business owner placed an initial $500 offer, and wants opinions on the seller's counter offer.

    Topic by: @iritru

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