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Top Topics: How Is Your 2020 So Far?; Does a Successful Company Need a Great Domain?...

By James Iles, Jun 28, 2020
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, we feature a poll asking whether your year so far has been successful in terms of domain sales. Elsewhere, we discuss first and last name domains, and an investor asks whether a company can be too successful to need a great domain name?

    First Name and Last Name Domains

    First and last name domain names are undeniably popular. The names are often popular for personal blogs, portfolios, or as front-facing brands.

    So, is there a market for this kind of domain? If so, what’s the sweet spot for sales and do you invest in them? If you’re curious about this type of domain, this is a discussion that you should be reading.

    Topic by: @Robbie

    Should Google Have Picked Another Name for Their Project?

    Recently, Google unveiled a new project called Keen. In short, Keen is a rival for Pinterest and instead of creating a “board,” as you’d do on Pinterest, you create a “Keen.”

    Aside from the obvious terrible pinboard branding itself, should Google have picked another brand name for its service? The domain is already developed, as described in this article, and likely not available to acquire. Google has previously acquired .COM domains used by their services including

    Topic by: @equity78

    If the Business Is Good, Does the Domain Matter?

    It’s a simple question. Does the domain name really matter if the business is thriving? This question came from an investor stumbling across Andreessen Horowitz’s website, For those unaware, Andreessen Horowitz is one of the top venture capital firms in existence, with tens of successful exits to their name.

    However, it does operate on rather than trying to acquire something like That leads to the question, are some companies so successful that a domain doesn’t matter?

    Topic by: @abstractdomainer

    Poll: How Is Your 2020 So Far, Sales Wise?

    We’re now halfway through 2020. Although with so much having already happened, it may be surprising to you that we’re only halfway through the year. Nonetheless, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the year so far.

    In this week’s featured poll, you’re asked to disclose how your 2020 is going so far, in terms of domain sales. As of writing, the results are scattered but the clear majority so far have revealed that both sales and sales prices have been higher.

    Topic by: @equity78

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  6. Robbie

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    Thanks for the thread mention James, I hope you are well - I actually just registered two First Name, Last Name dot coms this evening, one was Mike Mann (drop) from domain market another was a drop from the past 30 day’s - Both were registered previously since 2000 & 2001 respectively so hopefully Flippable domains - BIN set at $995 and shall see if they sell.
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  7. Castello Brothers

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    If the Business Is Good, Does the Domain Matter?
    The name always matters, especially an instantly memorable one. It's Marketing 101, and the reason why I got into this business. My brother started buying names in 1994/95. When I partnered with him in 1997, I was trying to ascertain what value these "domain names" actually had. I noticed we had It sure sounded like the intuitive brand for West Palm Beach to me. So, I drove to WPB and met with the city's webmasters. I asked them why they didn't have They told me they didn't want it. Told me the name didn't matter. That was the moment I realized we were sitting on a goldmine. was already doing great when they bought for $5 million. I asked the CEO if the name change impacted their business. He told me it instantly improved their revenue by 19%.
  8. Top 4L [email protected] PRO VIP Gold Account

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    Thanks for sharing
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