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In this week's Top Topics, we look at a potential downturn in the domaining markets caused by world events and falling cryptocurrency values. Elsewhere, how do you respond to inquiries that just request an asking price, and have the last thirty days been slower for you in terms of sales?

How Do You Answer “How Much?”

How much? It’s one of the best, but also one of the most frustrating messages to receive. Someone is interested in buying your domain name, which may lead to a lucrative sale, but the open-ended question can be difficult to answer.

So, how do you answer the question in order to maximize your chances of achieving a sale at or close to your asking price? One domain investor has ten options for you.

Topic by: @kite26

Are Things Slower In the Domain Market?

This year has been turbulent, to say the least. With war ravaging Ukraine, energy prices increasing and many countries facing the prospect of a recession, buying a domain is possibly low on the agenda for many people.

Couple this with a cryptocurrency market crash and you have the perfect recipe for a domain market downturn. With this in mind, our featured poll this week asks whether you have experienced a decline in sales and offers in the past thirty days. So far, the resounding majority has experienced a decline.

Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

A Slumped Crypto Market Could Hurt Domainers

This week, the cryptocurrency market saw a major slump as leading coins saw double-digit drops sparked by an implosion of the TerraUSD stable coin. At its lowest point, Bitcoin dropped by almost $9,000.

There are warnings now that a cryptocurrency market slump could affect the domain name market, especially at the retail level. Do you agree?

Topic by: @News

How to Ride the Wave With Your Domains

For many investors, April was an extremely slow month in terms of sales and offers. In light of the aforementioned economic pressures, some domain investors may be wondering what’s next for domain names.

One domainer has shared their views on how to cope with a downturn as a domain name investor. The discussion includes advice on renewals, setting asking prices, and potentially reducing your buying activities.

Topic by: @twiki

The Future of Web3 Domains?

While many may be concerned about the future of traditional domain names, some are interested in the future of the new wave of Web3 domains, especially .ETH names. Three-number and four-number .ETH names recently experienced a boom.

What does the future have in store for Web3 domains?

Topic by: @Siful Moni

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In my opinion, 50% discount is needed on the direct purchase and renewal prices of domain names. This is how the domain name market can survive.


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Stack em high and sell em cheap! Buy dot com names for $7 and flog em for $77 (1000% profit) on quick sales. What's not to like?


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Thanks for the summary of topics. Great job. I didn't realize this feature existed for the NamePros forum.


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I show them how it is previously listed at a marketplace. If they come though my site they already knew to make an offer so after the see price with it will never sell i again invite them to make an offer though binding marketplace. If actually make an offer all good if made offer in first place even better and still have option of marketplaces.
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