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Top Topics: How Do I Recover My Stolen Domain?; What Should You Expect from a Broker?...

By James Iles, Apr 28, 2017
  1. In last week’s edition of Top Topics, a domain name investor asked the community for advice on a $2,000 offer that was received via Sedo. In two minds as to what to do next, the investor opted to push the domain to auction at Sedo, with the hope of attracting more bidders. This ultimately looks to have been the right move since the domain sold on Monday for $3,100.

    Here’s this week’s Top Topics.

    I Got My First Cease and Desist Email. What Should I Do?

    A new domain investor received their first ever cease and desist email this week. A cease and desist domain notice is typically sent by a trademark holder who finds a domain name that is confusingly similar or identical to their trademark. In this case, the domain name in question is in the .online extension and has really sparked a debate amongst domainers.

    Should the investor ignore the cease and desist letter, or should they make plans to settle this dispute with the trademark holder?

    Topic by: @Allysin

    I Bought a Domain For $9 and Sold It For $3,000

    In December 2016, @reneedb registered a domain name with the intention of never selling it and ultimately developing the name into a sports news website. However, a representative from GoDaddy’s domain buyer service contacted this investor recently with a $3,000 offer from one of their clients.

    Could you turn down a 33,000% return on investment within a few months? This domainer certainly couldn’t, and proceeded to accept the offer. The domain name is a two-word domain, with the seller telling the community that the domain was “not worth the $3,000”.

    Topic by: @reneedb

    What Should You Expect from a Domain Broker?

    In the domain industry, domain name brokerage is a very competitive business with many brokers targeting the same domain names in the hope of selling those names for five, six or seven figure fees. If you choose a domain name broker, what should you expect? What does a good domain name broker do that sets them apart from the rest?

    Here, domain investors give their own opinions on what a domain name broker should offer as a part of their overall service. This is an interesting discussion that would serve you well as a reference point if you are ever considering offering domain brokerage services.

    Topic by: @Loxline

    How Do I Recover My Stolen Domain Name?

    This week, DomainGang reported that the valuable three-letter .COM domain name had been stolen from its original owner, Gerard Hughes. The thief managed to compromise the domain’s security through the use of a similar email address. After the theft came to light, Gerard took to NamePros to ask for help in recovering his three-letter domain.

    Intellectual property attorney John Berryhill wrote several detailed responses in this discussion, which may be a useful resource for anyone else who finds themselves in this situation.

    Topic by: @Gerard Hughes

    How Much Was Your First Sale?

    Everyone has to start somewhere. In this discussion, investors are sharing the stories of their first ever domain name sale. Some sales shared here are pretty small, whilst others managed to sell names for four figures, which is pretty impressive for a first domain name sale.

    What happened with your first sale? Add your comments to the discussion.

    Topic by: @Insha010

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  6. Sdomainer

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    Thanks James posting some knowledgeable post. interesting read

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    Thanks for sharing
  8. balvinders

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    its not easy to recover your stolen domain. thats why i keep my website secure. once my site has been hacked. and i lost it completely.
  9. Stephen Douglas

    Stephen Douglas New Member

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    You shouldn't lose a domain by theft by "securing your website". Having your site hacked doesn't change ownership of a domain, unless something has changed in the last few years.
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