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In this week's Top Topics, a domain investor is asking for tactics on how to negotiate down a high asking price. Elsewhere, it's revealed that performer Steve-O acquired a fellow Jackass star's exact-match .com domain, and does one hundred extension registrations automatically make a domain valuable?

How Can I Heavily Negotiate Down an Asking Price?

Domain name acquisitions can be challenging to accomplish, especially in a competitive market, whether that’s private acquisitions or negotiating via a marketplace.

In some instances, it may look like there’s a possibility of securing a deal to acquire a domain, only for the owner to respond with a high asking price. Do you have any tactics to reduce a domain’s asking price, or would you move on to another purchase target?

Topic by: @QBert

Steve-O Bought for $2,107.99

Steve-O is known for his painful stunts as part of the Jackass group, but one of Steve-O’s tamer pranks came to light this week thanks to a domainer who noticed a video on social media.

That video confirmed that Steve-O had acquired, the exact-match domain for Jackass co-star Johnny Knoxville, for $2,107.99. Steve-O has put the domain to use, but it's certainly NSFW. Knoxville’s real name, Philip Clapp, remains unregistered in the .com extension as of publishing.

Topic by: @Domainication

How Do I Know If a Domain is Popular?

One of the most common means of checking whether a domain name is popular is to check how many extensions a domain is registered in. Logically, if a domain is popular, it will be registered in more extensions than an unpopular domain. “Home,” for example, is registered in 528 extensions, whereas “ExampleX” is registered in just five extensions.

While this may be a reasonable means of telling whether a domain is popular, does a domain registered in over one hundred extensions automatically mean that the domain is valuable, or does it depend on the usage of domains registered?

Topic by: @Laguna

Is Your Domain Business Scalable?

One of the challenges of making the leap into becoming a full-time domain investor is the ability to build a portfolio that will continue to produce consistent domain sales.

That’s a difficult task to fulfill. The scalability of a business is often overlooked, but it’s an important aspect to consider if you’re looking to domaining as a full-time venture. A challenging question asked to investors this week is, is your domain business scalable?

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

Electra Upgrades from to

A relatively new company has secured a significant domain name upgrade just months after acquiring a $50,000 .co domain. Not much is known about Electra at the moment aside from the fact that the company is looking to slash carbon emissions from the US electrical grid by 2030.

The company must have some impressive backing or funding, though. Earlier this year, Electra acquired for $50,000 but managed to get its exact-match .COM, for an undisclosed fee in a deal discovered this week.

Topic by: @James Iles

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Nice compilation, @James Iles , including a couple of topics I had missed despite the time I spend here.

I think number of TLDs is a meaningful measure in most cases. However it can be skewed if one investor keen on a term has registered many of them.

Thank you!

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