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Top Topics: Have You Ever Met a Domainer?; The Story of My Latest Sale...

By James Iles, Jul 17, 2018
  1. Last week, the sale of was announced via @Sedo. The name sold for $130,000 and has subsequently moved to the new buyer. Due to GDPR, we are unable to see the full WHOIS details of the new owner, but it’s highly likely that the domain sold to the Norwegian Block Exchange.

    The Norwegian Blog Exchange is an initiative created recently by Norwegian Airlines CEO Bjorn Kjos, due to his keen interest in blockchain technology as well as its possible opportunities. is currently displaying a Norwegian web hosts’ default page and also has Norwegian mail servers. Although the buyer can’t be fully verified at this time, it’s highly likely that Bjorn is the buyer.

    Here are last week’s Top Topics.

    I'm Appraising Your .APP Domains

    Since Google released the .APP extension, it has amassed over 280,000 registrations with some investors purchasing names they feel are worthy of resale. According to NameBio, there have currently been just four .APP sales with leading the way, selling for $15,000.

    In this discussion, an investor has created an appraisal model specifically for .APP domains using several parameters to ascertain their value. They are asking for .APP domain submissions to test this model.

    Topic by: @un1

    The Story Of My Latest Sale

    After investing in a total of fifty names, this new domainer opted to stop buying names until they learned more, which is a very wise move. The investor read forums and blogs and eventually felt confident enough to purchase four names.

    Ultimately, the investor sold one name for $350 just a week after buying it for $6.99. The story between purchasing and selling is interesting and is listed in full in this discussion.

    Topic by: @Bonsu

    Poll: Have You Ever Met a Domainer?

    Domain name investing is a fairly solitary career with hundreds of hours of staring at screens and very little face to face interaction required to succeed. Network events such as NamesCon provide investors with an opportunity to meet face to face.

    This discussion and attached poll asks whether you have ever met another domain investor in person. So far, the majority of voters have not met another investor.

    Topic by: @infosec3

    Are 95% of Domains Selling for Too Little?

    We routinely hear of five and six-figure sales in the domain industry, with NameBio and DNJournal covering those sales that can be publicly disclosed.

    However, there are hundreds if not thousands of names that sell for three-figures or less every day. Here, an investor is asking whether the majority of domains are being undersold. What do you think?

    Topic by: @domain12345

    Payoneer Escrow Closes. What Are the Alternatives?

    This week, Payoneer announced it was to stop providing escrow services after launching just under two years ago.

    The service proved popular with many investors, which has prompted a discussion to find recommendations for alternatives to Payoneer Escrow.

    Topic by: @peace800

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