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Top Topics: Has Been Sold?; Moves Games Division to

By James Iles, Oct 13, 2019
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    I noticed the likely sale of a high-value one-word .COM name recently, that doesn't seem to have been reported elsewhere. was owned by Tim Olive Studios Inc, with the name hosting a basic homepage for the small company until earlier this year.

    From data available at DomainIQ, looks to have moved from Network Solutions to registrar under privacy protection in early September and now redirects to a Uniregistry parked page that includes a for sale notice.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    What Happens When You Point 1,000 Names to an Online Store?

    It has been widely accepted in the domain name industry that income from parking has diminished for the majority of domains. This has resulted in many investors simply abandoning parked pages in exchange for simple landing pages, without seeing a regular passive income from their domain portfolio.

    A Canadian domainer has revealed this week that they recently started forwarding one thousand domains from their portfolio to an online store that happens to be also owned by the investor. So far, it seems like the experiment has seen overwhelmingly positive results, with the domainer revealing specific details in this discussion.

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    Poll: Do You Perform Any Outbound Sales?

    Outbound domain sales is a subject that is regularly covered on Top Topics, thanks to immense interest from a number of domain investors to know more about the popular practice. Outbound marketing for domain names can, when done correctly, create greater sales opportunities.

    This week's featured poll asks domain investors to answer one simple question - do you perform any outbound sales?

    Topic by: @equity78 Moves Gaming Division to

    As a company, owning a two-letter .COM domain name puts you in an exclusive crowd. With just 676 possible two-letter .COM names, some companies will pay seven, and possibly eight-figure fees to secure one. It's very rare, therefore, for a company to actively move part of their business away from a two-letter .COM.

    Dutch digital services company is in the process of moving their entire gaming division away from a address to, operating on the new TLD .GAMES, which is owned by Donuts Inc. Will this prove to be a good move for the company?

    Topic by: @cipcip

    An Exact Match Pair Sold. Should Domainers Hold These?

    This week, investor and writer @Bob Hawkes noticed that the domain names and had sold on the same day. Whilst there was a large disparity between the sales prices, $40,000 versus $8,888, it does bring up an interesting point.

    Are exact-match domain pairs a good idea? Should some .COM investors consider owning the equivalent exact match new gTLD name to sell alongside the .COM?

    Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

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    Thanks for the nice rundown of topics, @James Iles (and thanks for including the thread I started on pairs of domains

    Yes, is certainly an interesting move, although I guess they see it as more descriptive for that division.

    I hope we will get an update re the domains pointed to the store after more weeks of data is collected. It certainly seems an impressive (40%) jump in sales, but one needs to be careful that it is not seasonal or related to something else (even the recent onset of bad weather -- lots of snow in places -- in parts of Canada may have made more people spend time shopping online).

    Thanks again. I really appreciate your selections each week.

  7. guillon

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    185 : great move. Some leaders start to create the standards of tomorrow.
  8. Bob Hawkes

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    With respect to my(.)games, my(.)com the company had already branded another of its division under the domain name maps(.)me. I wonder if we will see a trend of companies securing a very general (and usually short) main .com, which does not box them in but is also not very descriptive, but also assemble a portfolio of other valuable, but not quite same level, to more descriptively describe specific products and services. I can see a lot of value in that approach. Here my(.)com really tells me nothing about what it is about, while mu(.)games is very descriptive.
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  10. Avijit Roy

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    Thanks for sharing
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