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In this week's Top Topics, domain investors react to the news that GoDaddy has won the contract to operate the .TV domain extension. Elsewhere, we receive news of a $2.2 million domain sale, and have you ever used paid ads to promote your domain names?

GoDaddy Wins .TV Contract

The small island nation of Tuvalu has long benefited from the assignment of the .TV domain extension to the country. For the past twenty years, Verisign has operated and marketed the .TV domain, but recently, the operation contract came up for renewal.

GoDaddy won the rights to run the .TV extension. Here, investors are sharing their opinions of the GoDaddy takeover. Will the extension benefit from GoDaddy’s tenure in charge?

Topic by: @Ammudamus

Bitbuy Acquires Bitbuy.com in Multi-Million Dollar Deal

Canadian crypto trading platform Bitbuy has sealed a major domain name upgrade thanks to a deal with Australian brand Kogan. It sees Bitbuy move from Bitbuy.ca to Bitbuy.com. According to those familiar with the deal, terms include a $1.5 million cash payment and a warrant entitling Kogan to a further to receive a further $2.17 million in equity or cash.

In addition, Kogan will provide advertising and marketing services to support Bitbuy’s launch into the Australian market. Who got the better deal here? Have your say in the discussion.

Topic by: @Brand New

Rebranding My Domaining Site

One of the most popular discussions of the week centers around an investor’s efforts to rebrand their domain name marketplace. Currently, there are four different domain names up for contention as the new name for this domainer’s marketplace.

Other investors are invited to pick their favorite domain name of the four, which will be used as the home of this domainer’s rebranded marketplace. So far, dozens of investors have shared their opinions.

Topic by: @stub

Have You Used Paid Ads to Promote Domain Names?

Finding the right buyer for your domain name can be a time-consuming process, and sometimes, your ideal buyer never comes along. Some investors are proactive and use outbound marketing to produce sales while others rely on marketplace exposure to generate sales.

Are there any other proactive means of promoting domain names for sale, though? Here, an investor wants to hear from anyone that has used paid advertising to promote their domains across the likes of Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Has paid advertising worked for you?

Topic by: @lknights1987

Forge Acquired Forge.com for $2.2 Million

Domain investor George Kirikos has uncovered another mammoth domain name sale noted in a company’s SEC filing. In this case, it has been revealed that Forge Global, a global private securities marketplace founded in 2014, acquired Forge.com for $2,202,000.

The acquisition took place earlier in 2021, with the company upgrading from ForgeGlobal.com. The revelation will see the $2.2 million sale enter at number five in DNJournal’s top sales of 2021.

Topic by: @GeorgeK

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