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Happy New Year, domain investors! Welcome to the first Top Topics session in 2023 here at NamePros:

Can you relist domains at GoDaddy immediately after the auction ends? Predictions among domainers for the brand new year; Investors are seeking tech trends and buying the related keywords; What are the legal rights of domain buyers? Deciphering the fresh new Terms and Conditions at Dan.com.

GoDaddy Auctions members: Relist domain on 7 day auction?
When a user's domain auction ends at GoDaddy, the domain name can often go unsold due to not receiving bids, or meeting the reserve. Can you, and should you go relist the domain name on a 7 day auction right away? Some interesting opinions regarding the optimal timing for doing so.

Topic by @Leo2k

Looking ahead at 2023 and beyond
It looks like a new year has rolled in, what a surprise! Everyone is excited about the prospects that 2023 might be bringing, hopefully an improvement over the year that just passed. Share the predictions, wishes, and calculated strategies with other domain investors, for a year of success!

Topic by @twiki

Seeking a trend and buying the domain names
A mathematician is using his math background and analytical skills to predict the future of the domain business. According to this fascinating thread, math may be used to predict the next big thing in domain investments and general forecast of tech trends. Join in to improve on your current view on mathematics.

Topic by @VURG

Legal discussion of the rights of domain buyers
Domain service providers might be violating certain rules when making a transaction but then refunding the purchase. What are the legal rights of domain service buyers when they encounter these situations? Join the discussion to hear some interesting feedback.

Topic by @makki

What are the main changes in Dan updated terms of use today
Popular domain platform Dan.com has updated its terms of use and everyone is digging into the small print. Do you have to be a lawyer to understand the new terms and conditions? Domain investors identify what has changed, if anything.

Topic by @postscripter

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