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In this week’s Top Topics, a seven-figure domain sale is uncovered by investor George Kirikos, courtesy of a company’s SEC filing. Elsewhere, a domainer explains why they’re happy to pay high commission fees on a good marketplace, and what’s the hardest part of domaining?

Galaxy.com Acquired for More Than $1.8 Million

George Kirikos has uncovered another multi-million dollar domain sale hidden away in a company’s SEC filing. In this case, it’s the sale of Galaxy.com. The domain was acquired by the digital asset firm Galaxy Digital.

The buyer’s broker, domain brokerage firm Media Options, confirmed its part in the transaction and noted that the seller received $1.8 million, with Media Options’ fee remaining undisclosed.

Topic by: @GeorgeK

Why I’m Happy to Pay High Commissions

In the domain name industry, the majority of marketplaces and brokers require 10% to 20% commission on every domain sale facilitated through that service. Some of the more specialized marketplaces, though, charge 25% to 30% commission.

While you may balk at those commission charges, others don’t. Here, for example, is an investor who is happy to pay up to 30% commission on a good marketplace. The in-depth explanation might change your mindset about commission fees.

Topic by: @twiki

What’s the Hardest Part of Domaining?

Many people are attracted to the domain name industry hoping to replicate the sizable returns on investment that grab headlines, only to realize that it’s certainly not that simple. Becoming a successful domain investor is a difficult path.

What, though, is the hardest part of domaining? We want to know in this discussion. So far, suggestions include waiting for a sale to happen and creating consistency.

Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

My 25 Criteria of a Premium Domain in 2022

The term “premium domain” is thrown around a lot within and outside of domain investing circles, and the definition seems to change from person to person. The likes of Forbes, GoDaddy, and even WordPress have published their own definitions of a premium domain, but even those vary.

Here, one domain investor has compiled a list of twenty-five criteria that they believe a domain name must fit in order to be categorized as a premium domain. Do you agree with the criteria?

Topic by: @redemo

Would You Accept NFTs As Payment?

In the last twelve months, NFTs have gone mainstream. From the confines of Discord boards, non-fungible tokens have established themselves as a popular alternative investment. The Bored Ape Yacht Club, for example, hit a 100 ETH floor price in January 2022, offering a sizable return on investment for early holders.

Considering the success of some NFTs, would you accept one or more as payment for a domain name?

Topic by: @kite26

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