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information Top Topics: From a $20,000 Offer to a $75,000 Sale; How Many Domains Do You Need to Make a Sale Each Month?

In this week's Top Topics, domain investor AbdulBasit Makrani describes how he was able to take a $20,000 and transform it into a $75,000 sale. Elsewhere, we look at how many domain names you need to own before you make regular monthly sales, and a bizarre new regulation from the .IN registry has bee discovered.

From a $20,000 Offer to a $75,000 Sale

Domain investor AbdulBasit Makrani is notable within the domain industry for his almost constant stream of sizable domain sales. For several months, Makrani shared data from his experience of selling domains via the Afternic marketplace. He also revealed $400,000 in sales between January and June 2021.

He has kicked off 2022 with an impressive sale of a four-letter .COM domain. In this discussion, we learn about how the sale came about, and how Makrani was able to turn a $20,000 offer into a $75,000 sale.

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How Many Domains Do You Need to Make a Sale Each Month?

For many domainers, the idea of earning a regular monthly income from domain names is a realistic goal to work towards. The most obvious means of generating a regular monthly income is via domain name sales, but most experienced investors would tell you that this is easier said than done.

To sell at least one domain each month, it’s generally considered that you’d need a sizable portfolio. Here, a domainer is asking the community for advice on how many domains you might need to own before one sale per month becomes a reality.

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Permission Required for More Than One .IN Domain

Expert intellectual property lawyer John Berryhill has shared details of a bizarre new restriction that has been implemented by NIXI, the National Internet Exchange of India, the non-profit organization overseeing India’s .IN extension.

According to documents shared in this discussion, anyone that wants to register more than two .IN domain names will have to seek written approval from NIXI’s CEO, Anil Kumar Jain. In 2022, this seems like an archaic ruling that will be difficult to enforce.

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Should I Move Registrar for This MLS?

Some domain name marketplaces partner with registrars and popular websites to help to get more exposure for its listings, which can result in a higher chance of selling. Afternic Premium Network and SedoMLS are two examples of popular services. Listing domains with both of these could result in a far higher chance of the right end-user seeing your domain, and ultimately buying it.

Depending on your registrar, you may be eligible to use both Afternic Premium Network and SedoMLS, but some registrars may only partner with one of these networks. Is it ever worth transferring your domains to a registrar that has partnerships with both Afternic Premium Network and SedoMLS?

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Fractional Domain Name Ownership is Here

There has been talk of fractional domain name ownership for many years, but now it has become a reality. Fractional domain ownership, the concept of offering shares in a domain name, has now been brought to the market with explicit approval from the SEC.

Rally, an alternative asset investment platform, has partnered with Media Options to offer shares in the domain name, valued at $140,000. The offering has been fully funded. What do you think of this latest development designed to offer liquidity to high-value domains?

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I always asked myself one question: What happen if domain enabled and included in Afternic Premium Domains FT and Sedo MLS a buyer will buy on Afternic and another buyer on Sedo at the same time?

That would happen in a very rare case and very unlikely.
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