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Top Topics: From $125 to a $17,500 Sale; GoDaddy Changes Security for High Value Domains...

By James Iles, May 16, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, a domain investor shares their journey from a $125 domain purchase to a $17,500 sale. Elsewhere, a domainer is looking for input on where and how to actively sell domains, and the $1,080,000 buyer of reveals its plans for the domain.

    From $125 to a $17,500 Sale

    Two years ago, this domain investor acquired a two-word .CO domain name for $125 and ultimately sold the domain for $17,500 via Afternic. However, the story isn’t as straightforward as it might seem.

    The backstory, which is documented in this discussion, contains some tantalizing four-figure offers that led to nothing. Earlier this year, though, the investor received a $4,000 offer via Afternic. After initially declining the offer, the seller needed to raise funds and asked his Afternic broker to try closing a deal at $10,000. The broker seems to have gone above and beyond and raised the buyer’s offer to an acceptable $17,500 fee. Read the full account of this fascinating sale in full in the discussion.

    Topic by: @uzver

    Where Do You Actively Sell Domains?

    If you’re actively looking to sell your domain name, you may be performing outbound sales or you may be using one or more domain marketplaces to try to reach buyers. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick sale, a wholesale domain marketplace might be preferable.

    Here, a domainer is asking for recommendations for marketplaces and means of actively selling their domain names. The suggestions include the typical leading marketplaces as well as outbound sales via LinkedIn. Where do you actively sell domains?

    Topic by: @romain

    $1,080,000 Buyer of Reveals Plans

    One of 2020’s most publicized sales was that of, which sold for $1,080,000 in a deal brokered by GoDaddy. It turns out that the buyer of the domain name was, the company that also bought for $30 million.

    This week, an investor spotted a Bloomberg article in which revealed what the premium domain will be used for. As of writing, hosts a mysterious landing page that urges readers to “Go Boldly. Go Bullish.”

    Topic by: @AEProgram

    GoDaddy Changes Security Rules for High-Value Domains

    Owners of some high-value domains registered at GoDaddy reportedly received emails from the registrar this week regarding domain security. According to the discussion, which contains an email from GoDaddy, the company is upgrading the security on what it deems to be high-value domains at no additional cost to the registrant.

    Naturally, the move has prompted debate and reaction from domain investors.

    Topic by: @MapleDots

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