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Top Topics: Flipping a Domain Within 3 Hours; ICA Introduces a New Membership Level...

By James Iles, May 10, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we feature the latest from an investor's test of the effectiveness of Afternic, and we hear from a domainer as to why they became a member of the ICA. Elsewhere, we see details of a domain flip that occurred just three hours after the investor registered the domain, and in this week's poll, what can you lose by performing outbound sales?

    My Afternic Experiment: April Edition

    In January, AbdulBasit Makrani moved his hefty portfolio of domains to Afternic landing pages to see how inquiry rates and sales would be affected. Here, AbdulBasit shares his experiment data for April, which includes details of eight domain sales ranging from $299 to $6,000.

    What this experiment shows is that it is important to test the effectiveness of different platforms, and different sales methods to see whether your own portfolio is positively or negatively affected. You can only improve by trying something new or different.

    Topic by:

    ICA Introduces a New Membership Level

    The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) is a non-profit organization that represents the rights and best interests of domain name investors, especially in relation to fair domain pricing, UDRP reforms, and fighting fraud.

    Recently, the ICA introduced a new, low-cost $25 per month membership fee for any investor who may have been considering joining, but were put off by the previous lowest $600 per year membership fee. Here, domainer and ICA member Nikul Sanghvi shares his reasons for supporting the ICA.

    Topic by: @Nikul Sanghvi

    I Sold a Domain 3 Hours After Registering It

    How fast is your fastest sale? For me, my personal record is three days in a flip from $150 to $6,500 but this investor managed to sell a domain name within just three hours! After registering a two-word .CO domain for $1.99 in a registrar promotion, this domainer received an inbound inquiry within two hours.

    After some negotiation, they managed to get the buyer to treble their original offer, and the deal was agreed to within three hours of the original domain registration.

    Topic by: @DnFolk

    Poll: Do You Lose or Gain from Outbound Marketing?

    Outbound marketing for your domain names can, if done correctly and for the right domain names, produce domain sales rather than waiting for an indeterminate amount of time for a potential buyer to contact you. However, what are the downsides of outbound?

    Here, an investor asks whether outbound marketing can be detrimental to a domain's reputation and can it actually lead to a potential buyer being put off a possible acquisition?

    Topic by: @dande

    Podcast: Mastering Domain Buying and Selling

    Founder of Kickstart Commerce, Alvin Brown, has released a podcast that you may be interested in hearing. Shared here, the podcast features an interview with Riz Memon (@Riz M.) of Empire Names. Riz has been featured many times on Top Topics thanks to some of the four and five-figure domain sales he has shared with the community.

    Here, Riz talks to Alvin about how he acquires domains, and how he is perfecting an outbound marketing strategy using LinkedIn to create annual domain sales totaling into the six-figure range.

    Topic by: @Riz M.

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    Fantastic selection of topics, @James Iles (y) Thanks.
    Have not yet listened to the podcast between @Riz M. and @Alvin Brown but really looking forward to it!
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    Hi Namepros Team,

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    Can anyone tell me how many domains can i auction at one time in the same place. if i have ten domains i would like to auction. do i split them up ion different place. this my first time.
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