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Top Topics: February's Hand Registration Contest; What Makes an Effective Domain?...

By James Iles, Jan 27, 2019
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    This is the first Top Topics written at 38,000 feet over the Atlantic! I’m heading to Las Vegas because NamesCon starts this weekend, and if you're going, I hope to see you there! There is a planned meetup at 5pm on Sunday 27th January at the 9 Fine Irishmen across the street from the Tropicana Hotel, NamesCon's venue, with more details available in an established discussion.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    I Sold My Domain on the First Offer

    In negotiations, many experts believe that you should never accept the first offer. In domaining, investors such as @Rick Schwartz have made lucrative careers almost entirely based on saying no to the majority of offers.

    But is it ever right to accept the first offer? What are the circumstances that break the first rule of negotiations? In this discussion, an investor sold a hand registered name for $800, accepting the first offer submitted. Do you ever accept the first offer?

    Topic by: @alcy

    vegas.jpg Sold for $680,000

    Chinese pinyin domain names can have value to both investors and end users in China, despite China’s economic downturn and investors being far more selective with their acquisitions.

    According to this report, the pinyin domain sold for $680,000 recently. This report has not been independently verified.

    Topic by: @70ym

    What Makes an Effective Domain?

    A good domain name must have many different attributes, depending on the niche you’re looking into. This discussion provides insight from branding expert Terry Heckler into what makes an effective brand name.

    According to this discussion, a good brand name always has several criteria. The same criteria can easily be attributed to domains.

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

    Hand Registration Contest

    Regular contributor @Want2learn has launched an independent competition for the best hand registered domain name in February 2019.

    To take part, you will need to hand register a domain name within the month of February 2019. The best domain name will receive a small prize. So far, many investors have pledged to take part!

    Topic by: @Want2learn

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