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By James Iles, Jul 27, 2019
  1. Before we get to Top Topics this week, there's news of a recent three-letter .COM domain sale that hasn't been covered elsewhere. The domain name sold for an undisclosed amount, with the transaction seemingly taking place around late May to early June 2019.

    According to DomainIQ's WHOIS history, the domain was owned by Elaine Coyle Galleries Inc before transferring to Expansion Capital Group, a business financing company, as a direct upgrade from The domain certainly has an air of trust and integrity, which is a vital part of being successful as a financial outfit. Thanks to James Booth (@BoothDomains) for the tip.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    I Sold for $20,000

    Seven years ago, this domain investor acquired the domain for $7,600. As a .TV domain investment, this may be considered on the high side, but the purchase has paid off with a $20,000 payday. The domain's seller reported the deal to the community this week, confirming that the transaction took place via

    According to NameBio, this will rank as the joint largest .TV domain sale of 2019, tying with the $20,000 sale of As of writing, there are no clues as to the new owner's identity.

    Topic by: @tbwinpr

    My Domain Is Related to a $3 Billion Market Cap Company. What Do I Do?

    If you owned a four-letter .COM domain name that is heavily linked to a tech company with a $3 billion market cap, what would you do? This is the unique situation that this investor is in. To make matters more interesting, the company has previously made a $1,200 offer on the name.

    What would you do if you owned this domain name? Several domainers have given their opinions, with some suggesting placing a firm "buy now" price on the domain, and simply waiting. Would you agree?

    Topic by: @jamaltq

    This is a Great End User!

    Have you ever dealt with an end-user who just "gets" domain names and the positive effect they can have on a brand? This week, an investor shared some details of a $70,000 deal that they agreed with the founder of a startup that knew the power of the domain and just had to have it.

    The domain, not shared publicly, is a four-letter .COM and was the subject of a $3,500 bid from the end-user. After a couple of weeks of negotiations, a fee of $70,000 stretched over numerous monthly payments to help the buyer afford the name. The feedback, shared in the discussion, is refreshing to see from an end-user!

    Topic by: @indiegrind

    Help Me Keep These .CA Domains

    Over a year after acquiring two .CA domain names, this investor has received a notification from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) asking for verification of the investor's Canadian citizenship or legal entity within Canada, in order to keep the domains.

    After paying a combined total of $1,000 to acquire these two names, is there anything that can be done to allow the investor to keep hold of the domains? CIRA regulations for the registration of .CA domain names are very strict.

    Topic by:

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  7. Bob Hawkes

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    Thanks for the report @James Iles!
    It is interesting that ECG that immediately to me evoked the medical acronym went from one company to another neither of which in that field. Shows how large the potential market for LLL are!
  8. myfavorite

    myfavorite Established Member VIP

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    Thanks for the info.

    I equally was looking at the medical angle of ECG. However LLL is a great domain and this one is easy to pronounce/ remember.
  9. xcloud123

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  10. Avijit Roy

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    Thanks for sharing James.
  11. Josh R

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    I worked directly with Expansion Capital Group for a number of years. Glad they are improving their online identity.
  12. ksusha64

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    Great name and great sale. Congrats to buyer and seller!!!!!
  13. Ali Adil

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    James you are the best article writer i have ever seen...thanks also for this
  14. Josh R

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    Certainly in the domain industry.
  15. Bob Hawkes

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    Yes, 100% right.

    With his superb knowledge of the domain industry and excellent research skills, coupled with the ability to write clearly and concisely, James is superb. He can get across a lot of information over several topics in a post, yet it stays accessible and interesting. @James Iles is indeed a great writer!

    It has been fortunate that NamePros has benefitted from his posts over so many years, and even though he has scaled back a little his writing here, that he is still writing here.

    Thank you James!


    PS It was one of the highlights at my first NamesCon conference to actually meet James in person. As well as a great writer, he is a really nice person!
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