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Top Topics: Sells for $1,008,900; Patience in Domaining Is Underrated…

By James Iles, Jun 27, 2021
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, we look at two mammoth seven-figure sales that were announced this week. We also focus on a useful quality that domain investors need to succeed, and we discuss coping with barren periods without a domain sale. Sells for $1,008,900

    Domain broker @Kate Buckley announced this week that she had successfully brokered the sale of The domain’s buyer was Bosch, a large German corporation that has developed an eBike motor as well as numerous other eBike products.

    According to the discussion, Buckley sold the domain via outbound, meaning that she proactively pitched the domain name to Bosch. The sales price was revealed to be $1,008,900. As of writing, the domain redirects to Bosch’s homepage.

    Topic by: @legendarynames

    Patience in Domain Investing is Underrated

    While we regularly see sales reported in the five-, six-, and seven-figure range, what’s often missing is the backstory of how long that domain has been held before being sold. The concept of domaining being a get-rich-quick scheme is wrong.

    As an investor discovers here, patience is one of the key skills that you need as a domain investor. Many agree, noting that many domains can take years or decades to sell.

    Topic by: @VidhataPrakash

    How Do You Feel After a Month With No Sales?

    As we’ve mentioned above, patience is one of the key qualities that a successful domain name investor needs. However, a long period without a sale can be demotivating, as this investor has found out.

    Rather than viewing this as a negative, the domainer has transformed this into a chance to create a more consistent revenue stream with domains by starting to explore how to get a steadier stream of sales.

    Topic by: @Domain Monk

    Rick Schwartz: Under Contract for $6 Million, Plus Royalties

    Weeks after winning the vote for the greatest domain investor of all time, @Rick Schwartz has revealed his latest blockbuster sale. Schwartz told the community that he has agreed to sell for $6 million, plus royalties from the domain. The buyer of the name has not been revealed yet.

    Domain investors have, naturally, been reacting to this news, with many trying to predict the buyer’s identity. Will the name be used within the adult industry, or will the name find another use? Several domainers are predicting that the domain may be used for a cryptocurrency project.

    Topic by: @equity78

    Developing Domains for Profit

    Typically, Top Topics spans domaining discussions created from the previous week, but I’m going back slightly further than a week to share a lengthy guide that was overlooked last week.

    The guide in question covers thirteen points that one domainer believes will help readers to successfully navigate the potentially tricky world of domain development.

    Topic by: @redemo

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