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A domain investor hasn't scored domain sales for what appears to be a long time; WHOIS privacy did not stop spammers from pitching services; Dan & Afternic integration has a few flaws, according to a domainer; HugeDomains as a pricing reference for your own domain names; Namecheap is back to offering lower prices for premium domains.

No Domain Sales For A While
It's been almost a year without a domain sale for this domain investor, who had a good run in 2022. He's concerned and wondering what could be the culprit, other than prices and the ongoing squeeze of the economy. Could it be as simple as changing landers?

Topic by @lknights1987

I locked my WHOIS as soon as I registered a domain. How do they know my phone number?
Registering a domain with WHOIS privacy is a must if you value your sanity. Domain spammers perusing the WHOIS information reached out to this domain investor via his phone number; he claims that he used WHOIS privacy regardless. How is this possible?

Topic by @domainsnape

Dan & Afternic Integration - Bad Customer Experience
The integration of Afternic into the Dan platform got many domain investors excited, but there are issues that affect the sales process. A domain investor is frustrated with the overall experience and wonders if he made the right decision, as the sales process is not automated. Time to share your experience.

Topic by @DomainDepot as Reference For Pricing and Renewals
An enterprising domain investor thought outside the box, when it came down to domain valuation: Instead of perusing recorded sales at NameBio, he's using related keyword domains at HugeDomains as a reference point for how he prices his portfolio. Smart move or not? Share your thoughts on this strategy.

Topic by @TopBrandsForSale

Namecheap different prices!
Last year Namecheap and GoDaddy clashed online (and offline) over the arbitrary discounted pricing of premium domains on the Namecheap search results. By offering 3% off the same domains listed on Afternic, Namecheap scored numerous sales, undercutting GoDaddy. What's the secret and how can Namecheap afford to offer the same domains for less, at no cost to the domain sellers?

Topic by @lovely4ever

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Regarding fees.... is takes 50% fee for Sedo listings this is insane !

I tried to purchase domain on sedo for $999 but no luck got white screen error, shows +50% fee so im passed .

i own exact match domain in .org extension and need dotcom version just for a brand protection .
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Thanks @Acroplex for the summary, very helpful when I check these once a week 🌹

Here's my 2¢:

1/ 👉 Like @lknights1987, many domainers are complaining about low sales. It's understandable, considering everything that's happening around the world. I too had less sales compared to last year, but thankfully I don't depend on my domain investment income. IMHO, one way to avoid headache from sales drought is to develop at least some of the domain names you own. I'm working on writing a complete document about how domainers can easily develop some of their domains with decent content without needing extra cost from either hosting or development. If anyone is interested, follow me on twitter to get update.

2/ 👉 I use Dynadot with WHOIS privacy, never had any phone number leak problem like @domainsnape. But as @danielowens suggested, even with WHOIS privacy, using an active secondary phone number for business purposes is the right approach.

3/ 👉 I've seen much confusions with DAN/Afternic integration - here in namepros and also on twitter. So @DomainDepot is not alone in this. Hope GoDaddy will address these issues soon enough.

4/ 👉 When it comes to the pricing of domain names, I've seen many different suggestions. I personally consider all these suggestions carefully and do check the pricing of similar names in different marketplaces - HugeDomains is definitely in the list. However, at the end of the day, I think everyone should have their own method of pricing. It's better if that method has some well defined structure - that way, you'll be able to adjust it better based on available data and your own experience over the years.

5/ 👉 After listing a domain name on Afternic, sometimes I check how it's listed on their partner networks. I've seen often other registrars list these premium names with a little higher price. Namecheap is an exception to that, as observed by @lovely4ever. Didn't know this background story though:
@DNGear also suggested an interesting point:
SO if you list a domain in sedo and afternic, Your sedo listing will be shown at namecheap with a marked down price.
If you dont list it in sedo, your afternic price will be shown without any marked down.

Happy domaining 🌹
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