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James Iles

Top Topics: Domain Names Are a Dull Business; GoDaddy Buys

By James Iles, Mar 2, 2020
  1. James Iles

    James Iles Writer/Consultant/Broker PRO VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger ★★★★★★★★★★

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    In this week’s Top Topics, we see the reaction to the news that GoDaddy has acquired the domain name and is doing something positive with it. Elsewhere, investors discuss their preferred marketplace and there’s reaction to a Motley Fool article that describes domain names as dull.

    GoDaddy Bought

    Domain registrar GoDaddy recently acquired Frank Schilling's registrar Uniregistry, a popular destination for domain investors to hold their names. Along with the registrar purchase was the acquisition of Frank's domain name portfolio.

    One of the most infamous domains within Frank's portfolio, originally registered in 2002, is The worldwide pandemic has seen traffic to the domain almost double within a month, according to Alexa. Since GoDaddy acquired the domain, they have redirected traffic to the official World Health Organization advisory page in a laudable move that investors have been discussing this week.

    Topic by: @YairDD

    Motley Fool: Domain Names are a Dull Business

    Motley Fool, a popular financial and investing advice website, recently profiled a domain name business in an article that has been highlighted and shared by a domainer. The article says that whilst domain names may be a boring business, the activities of a domain registrar may be a real cash cow.

    In particular, the article highlights Tucows. Naturally, domain investors have been discussing the article, and those who invest in stocks may be particularly interested in looking further into the potential upside that Motley Fool sees in Tucows.

    Topic by: @Lox

    What’s Your Favorite Sales Venue?

    Within the domain name industry, there are multiple choices for domain sales venues, also known as marketplaces. There are mainstream options that cater more towards end users, there are trend/niche specific marketplaces, and there are those outlets more focused on domainers.

    Each investor has their own preferred marketplace based on several factors that may include the sell through rate and average sales price. Here, investors are invited to share their favorite marketplaces.

    Topic by: @HotKey

    Share Your Experience of Absurd Intimidation Attempts

    One issue that seems to be worryingly common for investors is the fact that entitled people or representatives of companies can use threats of legal action to ensure the domain name is handed over for very little, or no, cost.

    Sometimes the threat of legal action is justified, but often it’s unwarranted. In this discussion, investors are sharing their experiences of vein attempts at intimidation against one or more of their domain names.

    Topic by: @DanSanchez

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  7. xcloud123

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  8. Zagalee

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    Thank you\
  9. Established Member

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    Thank you for compiling some useful threads, market always change
  10. Bob Hawkes

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    Interesting coverage re Tucows as an investment by Motley Fool. So much of the time the outside world assume GD is almost the only registrar, but of course there are thousands, and Tucows has something like 1/4 the number of domains registered of GD, I believe. Motley Fool is so widely consulted by conventional investors, that it probably will influence how domain names are seen. The cash cow though, may be more at the registry, or at least a few of them, as the registrar share of the pie has continually shrunk over the past decade. I wish I had invested in Verisign stock a decade ago.:$:

    But we don't agree that domaining is boring! :xf.grin:

    Thanks for your, as always, excellent selection of NamePros topics to highlight, @James Iles .

  11. Established Member

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    dull business?? the domaining is the most creative thing on the Internet.
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