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In this week's Top Topics, domain investors reveal whether they predominantly sell domains at retail or wholesale levels, and is domain brokerage a low risk, high reward business? Elsewhere, Helium, a decentralized telecommunications network that operates on Helium.com, has announced a new corporate brand using a .XYZ domain.

Do You Sell Retail, Wholesale, or a Mix?

In the domain name industry, there are dozens of different strategies that investors adopt. These strategies often involve holding domains to sell for higher prices to retail buyers or quickly flipping names for a small profit at a wholesale level.

Bob Hawkes is asking investors to reveal whether they only sell to end-users, other investors, or whether they do a bit of both. As of publishing, it seems the majority mix both wholesale and retail sales.

Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

Helium Announces New Name, Nova.xyz

Decentralized telecommunications network Helium operates on a truly exceptional one-word domain, Helium.com. Acquired in 2014, Helium.com has been at the core of the company's brand ever since. Now, Helium has acquired a new name, Nova.xyz.

The new domain is being used to host the company's new corporate brand, Nova Labs. It is the latest company to adopt a one-word .XYZ, following payment provider Square's rebrand to Block and Block.xyz last year.

Topic by: @Lox

Is Brokerage a Low Risk, High Reward Business?

In the past week, some true powerhouse domain names have changed hands including Affiliate.com and LA.com, with these deals facilitated by notable domain name brokers.

Focusing on the concept of being a domain name broker, is it a low-risk, high-reward venture? Can anyone just become a domain name broker and reap the potential rewards of facilitating a six- or seven-figure sale?

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

How Do You Sell More Domains?

The aim of selling more domain names is something that I'm sure the majority of domain investors hope to do, but what is the best strategy for doing this? Is it dependent on how many domains you have, the quality of your portfolio, or both?

Here, an investor is looking for advice on how to sell more domains. Other domainers have offered their opinions, with some logical advice provided so far.

Topic by: @Jason Baudendistel

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