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Top Topics: Do You Make 5 Figures Per Month?; Top 10 Mistakes With New gTLD's...

By James Iles, Aug 4, 2018
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we take a look at a list of ten mistakes that new gTLD investors may be making. We also feature a poll asking domainers whether they are consistently making five-figures per month from domain investing and we look at the sensitive subject of sharing your portfolio with family in case of an emergency.

    Top 10 Mistakes By New gTLD Investors

    New domain extensions (gTLD's) have been a popular form of investment for some domainers, but with varying degrees of success. In this discussion, an investor has shared a list of ten mistakes they think new gTLD investors are making. Do you agree with the list?

    Topic by: @lolwarrior


    How To Sell To a Big Company

    According to this investor, they own a domain that a big company will be interested in purchasing due to an upcoming project. Whilst the name hasn't been revealed, the owner is confident of the domain selling for big bucks.

    So, how do you sell a name like this to a large company? Is outbound sales the way to go, or should the investor sit tight and wait for an offer?

    Topic by: @Domaineer1

    Help! I Sold My Domain Twice

    Most investors are happy to hear that their domain name has sold but in this unique situation, a domainer has asked the community for advice after discovering that a name they owned had sold at two different marketplaces at Buy Now prices.

    An interesting scenario, which is worth following in this discussion.

    Topic by: @Rich_Millionaire

    Share Your Portfolio With Family

    A domain name portfolio can be an extremely valuable asset, but since they are purely online,they can be difficult for an investor’s family to access in case of emergency.

    Here, the subject of sharing your portfolio details with family and friends has been brought up, with most conceding that it is a good idea to disclose information to family.

    Topic by: @Rizwan Razzaq

    Poll: Are You Making 5 Figures Per Month?

    For some investors, consistently making five-figures per month is a reality, with many others attempting to do the same. Creating a revenue stream of five-figures per month can be done several ways, including domain sales, website income or even parking.

    This poll asks the community who is regularly making five-figures per month. The majority of voters so far have revealed they do not make five-figures per month.

    Topic by: @Brand Ultra

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