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Top Topics: Did Sell for $75,000?; From $9 to $1,000 in Six Days...

By James Iles, Apr 1, 2018
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    Just a couple of days ago, James Booth (@BoothDomains) of BQDN noticed that the domain had been sold recently. According to James, who passed on relevant details, the domain sold for $75,000. Based on DomainIQ's historical WHOIS listings, the sale looks to have taken place in mid 2017. Since the sale was likely completed in 2017, it would be listed as the eighteenth largest three-letter .COM sale of 2017.

    The name was acquired by TAE Technologies Inc, formerly Tri Alpha Energy of California. Prior to the sale, the domain was owned by TAE Technology of Hawaii. Interestingly, the seller has now moved to the domain We are waiting for independent confirmation of the sale.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.


    How Would You Start With $100 Today?

    Whether you became a domain investor two years ago or ten years ago, we have all started from somewhere. Market conditions may have been different when you started investing, meaning it was slightly easier to acquire a good domain for a lower price.

    Investors that start today may face more competition and higher wholesale prices for some popular categories. So, if you started investing in domains today with a budget of just $100, how would you spend it to make the highest return on investment?

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    I'm Planning to Start My Own Registrar

    Domain investor @Recons.Com has revealed a couple of five-figure sales in recent months and alongside maintaining a portfolio full of premium names, they have announced plans to start their own domain name registrar in the next twelve months.

    The plans include lower registration fees for domainers with a rich interface and functionality. The community has responded with questions, ideas and suggestions that have made for a lively discussion.

    Topic by: @Recons.Com

    From $9 to $1,000 in Six Days

    After registering this .CO domain on March 23rd 2018, this investor registered a one-word .CO domain name. Through a combination of outbound sales and's platform, the name has reportedly been sold just six days after registration.

    The price, according to the discussion, was $1,000. According to DomainIQ's WHOIS listing, the name is yet to move to the new owner.

    Topic by: @s.azis

    Why and How Did You Start Domain Investing?

    As we said earlier in Top Topics, we have all started from somewhere. This discussion is your opportunity to share how you became a domain investor. It's also an interesting way to find out more about fellow investors including @Doron Vermaat, co-founder of the popular Efty platform.

    How and why did you get started as a domain investor? Share your own experience in the discussion.

    Topic by: @GetBigDomains

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    As always, a toppp summaryyy
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    @James Iles Thank you for the summary! Always look forward to them.
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