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Top Topics: Did National Gun Trader Rebrand to Everest.com?; Things New Domainers Should Consider...

By James Iles, Dec 22, 2019
  1. A tweet from Shane Cultra (@Domain Shane) prompted me to look into a possibly monumental domain sale. Earlier this year, Lumis was brokering the sale of the Everest.com domain name, with an asking price of $1 million.

    This week, Shane tweeted about the current use of Everest.com, and the domain resonated with me as being for sale recently. From some quick research, it looks as though a company called National Gun Trader may have rebranded to Everest.com.

    The domain’s recent WHOIS activity, according to DomainIQ, certainly suggests that the name sold in the past few months. I’ve reached out to the owner of Everest.com to confirm the acquisition and rebranding, but as of publishing, I haven’t received any confirmation.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    Some “Robot” Domain Sales You’ve Never Seen Before

    On Raymond Hackney’s (@equity78) blog, he writes a regular series looking at domain sales you may not have seen before. These articles usually concentrate on one keyword at a time, using data from NameBio.

    Here, an investor has created something similar, using the keyword “Robot” as a basis for research.

    Topic by: @BuyBrandWeb.com

    Poll: Are You Investing in Blockchain Extensions?

    Blockchain domain name extensions such as .ETH and .CRYPTO are here, and this investor is asking whether any traditional domainers are looking to acquire any domain names in these extensions.

    The current usage of this type of domain is fairly limited with registrants able to connect cryptocurrency addresses to simplify cryptocurrency payments, but should domain investors be looking to acquire this type of domain name?

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

    What Would You Do With a List of the Best 50,000 Unregistered Domains?

    Some domain investors make regular sales thanks to their work seeking out and registering the best previously unregistered domain names. With a low acquisition cost and a relatively high return on investment, you can see the lure of trying this strategy.

    A hypothetical question has been posed around the subject of unregistered domains. What if you were in possession of a list of the best 50,000 unregistered .COM domains, but you didn’t have the capital to acquire them all? There are some compelling responses here.

    Topic by: @twiki

    My First Sale Completed!

    We like to highlight significant “first sale” stories since they’re an accessible form of motivation for other new domain investors. Here, someone that joined the community earlier this year has posted some details of their first domain sale.

    According to the discussion, the domainer acquired the name for $10 on DropCatch.com in July 2019 before selling the name for $3,000 at BrandBucket. After commission, the investor pocketed $2,000.

    Topic by: @KNL

    Some Things New Domainers Should Consider

    Speaking of new investors, it must be said that it's easy to lose money early on. The lure of registering tens or even hundreds of domains with no real plan can prove to be a costly mistake, and it's something that newer investors seem to be more susceptible to.

    Here, an experienced domainer has compiled a small list of some factors that new domainers should consider before hand registering domains. Do you have anything to add to this list?

    Topic by: @JudgeMind

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  6. barman

    barman Top Contributor VIP

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    I could be persuaded to let Everest.io go for 1/10th of that amount
  7. WatchDogue

    WatchDogue Top Contributor VIP

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    The Everest name sale is interesting - at quite likely a nice selling price and possibly acquired for a rebranding.

    Always appreciate the various selected Forum threads and topics you summarize, it is a nice review of what is presented across the boards .
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2019
  8. oskaaay

    oskaaay Founder, GetDomainData.com

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    Interesting compilation, checking out some of them asap. it helps point to interesting conversations I missed during the week on NP.
  9. Mister Funsky

    Mister Funsky Top Contributor VIP

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    Agreed...the everest changes are interesting...looking forward to your follow up information.
  10. MapleDots

    MapleDots Top Contributor VIP

    Likes Received:
    Don't know why but the name EverBest just came to my mind.

    Jumped to it and the domain is nicely in use

    A whole spin off could evolve here with Ever being the key word.
  11. ksusha64

    ksusha64 Top Contributor VIP Gold Account

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    Great article! Thanks for sharing
  12. The Durfer

    The Durfer Top Contributor VIP Gold Account

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