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In this week's Top Topics, we hear about another .XYZ domain that has sold for a six-figure fee. Elsewhere, a domain owner is looking for advice after receiving a $30,000 offer, and tributes pour in after a successful domain investor passes away.

Rest in Peace, Riz

This week, news reached the community that successful domain investor Riz Memon has passed away. The domainer is notable for launching the Rooted.com marketplace as well as selling high-value domains such as Roze.com for $68,000 and Newz.com for $70,000.

Here, you can read tributes to Riz and also leave your own.

Topic by: @Silentptnr

SportsBet.xyz Sells for $103,910

The domain industry’s .XYZ specialist, Swetha Yenugula, is back with another high-profile sale revealed this week. This sale passed the $100,000 barrier and is the fourth .XYZ domain to do so this year.

The domain in question is SportsBet.xyz, and the reported sales price was $103,910. As of publishing, the new owner is unknown.

Topic by: @equity78

What Should I Do Next?

Recently, a domain owner received a $5,000 offer from a Chinese broker looking to acquire a domain on behalf of a client. With very little in the way of negotiations, the figure cited has increased to $30,000.

The domain owner is inexperienced when it comes to domain name sales, so they are asking for advice on what to do next. After a $30,000 offer, what would your next step be?

Topic by: @claesj6

Inflation: Should We Increase Prices?

Around the world, rapid inflation is rife. According to Statista, inflation in the US hit 8.5% in March 2022, a 5.9% rise compared with March 2021. With the cost of living increasing, should aftermarket domain prices increase, too?

At least one domain investor has considered doing this and is asking other domainers whether this is something they’ve considered, too.

Topic by: @william

Did I Overpay After a Bidding War?

Many domain investors have experienced this. You find a domain at auction, you like the name, and you get drawn into a bidding war during the auction, resulting in a blown budget and perhaps a tinge of regret about overpaying.

One domainer has asked for opinions on whether they overpaid for a finance-related domain name after a bidding war that brought the name from $1,000 to $2,900. Do you get drawn into bidding wars?

Topic by: @anunt

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