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information Top Topics: Did Once Sell for $10 Million?; Gravity Forms Acquires

In this week's Top Topics, George Kirikos warns domain owners to stop using UK and Australian-based registrars, a WordPress developer acquires an incredible domain name, and did AOL pay $10 million for

Red Alert: Get Your Domains Out of the UK and Australia

Aside from uncovering multiple top-dollar domain sales, investor George Kirikos spends a lot of time working on behalf of domain investors to protect certain rights. This week, Kirikos has written an impassioned plea to anyone using UK or Australian domain registrars.

According to Kirikos, domain name owners using UK or Australian registrars "should seriously consider moving your domains elsewhere, as you apparently have no legal rights to judicial review in their courts after an adverse UDRP or other domain dispute procedure." You can read more about this in the discussion.

Topic by: @GeorgeK

Gravity Forms Acquires

A significant domain name upgrade has taken place this week after WordPress developer Gravity Forms secured ownership of Gravity Forms purchased the domain from Yahoo Ad Tech, the latest incarnation of Yahoo.

Gravity Forms' CEO took to Twitter to confirm the deal, noting that the company now owned the domain name outright rather than relying on a lease-to-own arrangement.

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Jason Calacanis on and

Angel investor Jason Calacanis is no stranger to a great domain name. He has previously owned and still operates domains such as On a recent episode of This Week In Startups, Calacanis talks about two ultra-premium domains.

Firstly, a domain used by new startup Love Health Inc., and secondly,, a domain Calacanis says AOL paid $10 million for. The episode is available to watch in this discussion.

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Should You Add Years to Boost Sales?

Domain name owners will know that renewal fees can be costly, especially with hundreds or perhaps thousands of domain names to be renewed. Should renewing domain names for years in advance be a priority, though?

Here, an investor is wondering whether the lure of not paying renewal fees for a certain number of years may be enough of an incentive for potential buyers to buy a domain ultimately. What do you think?

Topic by: @ruudbrowens and Sales Prices Revealed

Two high-value domain name sales have been uncovered by George Kirikos this week, thanks to work trawling through SEC filings. The first discovery revealed was the sale of, a name that Waitr Holdings acquired amid a rebranding effort. and other related domain names were acquired for $3,006,000.

The second discovery came from Grove Collaborative, which acquired in 2019 as an upgrade from It looks like this company paid $873,000 for

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