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By James Iles, Nov 10, 2017
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    Last Saturday, we posted the news that the domain name had been sold in a deal co-brokered by Monte Cahn and Joe Uddeme. At the time, the domain was “pending transfer”, which left us with little idea of who the buyer was. Earlier this week, the buyer was revealed as Brent Oxley, founder of hosting company HostGator.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    I Just Sold for $1,999

    Despite dropping over $300 in value in the past twenty-four hours, Bitcoin continues to be a hot topic. In this discussion, a domain investor shared the news that he sold a Bitcoin domain name for $1,999.

    The name,, was registered for just £1 (around $1.30) in January of this year. This domain sold through a “Buy Now” listing at Afternic after the owner received several inquiries in a short space of time.

    Topic by: @Michael Ehrhardt

    Domain Trademark Help Needed!

    After buying a .RESTAURANT domain name recently, this investor received an email from the owner of the equivalent .COM domain. According to the discussion, the domainer was asked to give up the rights to the .RESTAURANT domain since the .COM owner holds a trademark for that specific term.

    Is the trademark threat reason enough to either hand over the domain name or delete it? Many domainers have given their opinions on this matter, including leading IP lawyer John Berryhill (@jberryhill).

    Topic by: @Sumeeth

    Which is better? PayPal or Escrow?

    Both PayPal and escrow services have advantages in certain situations, but which is best for selling domain names?

    This is the question being asked by domainer @Criterion811, who is creating landing pages for each of his domain names. Currently, the pages offer a PayPal payment option. Should an escrow option be included, perhaps to make the buyer feel more secure?

    Topic by: @Criterion811

    ICA: Proposed Changes to Domainers’ Rights?

    In a recent statement, outgoing ICA (Internet Commerce Association) counsel Phil Corwin said that the next eighteen months are critical for the domain name industry due to ongoing policy initiatives that may dramatically impact domain investing.

    Here, an investor has asked the community for more details on these possible changes. ICA board member and veteran investor @Nat Cohen gave an excellent, detailed response to this topic.

    Topic by: @offthehandle

    Should I Register This Domain?

    A new investor is asking for opinions on whether or not to register a certain domain. According to the discussion, the name in question is a .NET domain that is registered in several other extensions already. The .COM equivalent is also for sale with a six-figure asking price.

    Is that evidence enough to confidently register this domain name with the aim of selling it to the owner of a similar domain?

    Topic by: @Kamaldeen

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  6. Bros

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    I really hope that the Apple Bitcoin sale doesn't lead to some questionable domain registrations with apple domains... congratulations to the seller anyway!
  7. Criterion811

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  8. jstenn13


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    Awesome purchase by Brent. He's bought some really great .com's within the past few months. He has an amazing portfolio going. Helps to have a lot of dough
  9. Pritam Singh Obi

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    I want to sell my domain "".Will I face any problem of trademark
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