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Top Topics: COVID-19 and Domains - How Have You Fared?; Tracking Down an Elusive Domain Owner...

By James Iles, Apr 12, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we look at the potential correlation between the Coronavirus pandemic and domain name sales, and we see which prominent industry figures domainers respect the most. Elsewhere, Dofo's founder shares an analysis of the.COM extension and an investor has trouble tracking down an elusive domain name owner.

    Coronavirus and Domain Sales: How Have You Fared?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down vast swathes of the globe, with many countries issuing shelter in place orders. There are well-founded concerns about the short-term and long-term outlooks for the economy, but how does that currently affect domain names?

    Writer Bob Hawkes wants to know how your portfolio has performed in the last month as part of his research for an upcoming article. Have you seen any significant changes, positive or negative, in the number of offers, sales or traffic within the past month?

    Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

    Who Are the People You Most Respect in Domaining?

    The domain industry is filled with a wide range of investors, brokers, educators, researchers, writers, and innovators who contribute so much to new and existing industry participants. They have collectively earned the respect of hundreds of domainers across the globe, but who are the people that you most respect in domaining?

    This discussion is asking investors to name one or more people from the domain industry that they most respect. Names mentioned include the phenomenal investor and educator Michael Cyger, Uniregistry founder Frank Schilling, and writer Raymond Hackney.

    Topic by:

    The King of Domain Extensions: .COM

    Macit Tuna, the founder of the remarkable research website for domains,, has compiled an in-depth look at the king of all domain extensions, .COM. According to the discussion, .COM accounts for 42% of all registered domain names and is the go-to extension for small businesses up to Fortune 500 companies.

    The article from Macit also looks at how many .COM domains are being actively used, as well as the most popular keywords used in .COM domains. An interesting article to read!

    Topic by: @Macit

    How Do I Find the Elusive Owner of a Domain?

    There are several ways of finding a domain name owner. You can look at the current WHOIS information, you can see whether their contact details are listed on a website hosted on the domain, or you could even look at WHOIS historical records.

    What is the domain name is owned by someone whos only contact point is an inbox that can no longer receive emails? How would you go about tracking down the owner of a domain that is extremely hard to reach?

    Topic by: @Ryan217

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    Great summary as always, @James Iles and thanks in particular for mentioning my thread requesting how people are seeing the last month in terms of queries, offers and sales. I am thankful to those who have already responded, and hope others will head over to the thread and let me know how things have been for you the past month. I don't need detailed numbers, just something along the lines of "My lower price BINs got more offers and I closed a few more sales, but drop in queries on my names priced above $3000" (along those lines, not that quote :xf.grin:)

    If you have insufficient personal data in one month, still interested in your perceptions of what is probably happening. Like... "I see that the hot areas are now health...."

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    Another nice round up of interesting topics. Thanks @James Iles (y)
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    Your excellent TOP TOPICS summaries are always welcome reading and are particularly useful during this unprecedented time.
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    Thank you @James Iles

    You are also most repect people in domaining and always contribute awesome threads in Namepros
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