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Top Topics: .COM Prices Increasing at Verisign; Sells for $104,000...

By James Iles, Jun 20, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we look at the reported $104,000 sale of the domain name. There's also reaction to the $1.25 million sale, and will you change your strategy after Verisign implements its .COM price increase? Sells for $104,000

    Expert domain developer Drew Wash (@drewwash) is certainly not afraid to spend money on premium domain names to develop. In the past, his company paid $130,000 to acquire and this week, Drew revealed his latest acquisition,

    Drew announced his purchase, including the $104,000 purchase price, on his “From Domains to Profit” live chat show. Here, domain investors are reacting to the news, especially the price tag.

    Topic by: @Dave

    If You Could Own Any Single-Word .COM, What Would It Be?

    This discussion is just for fun, because all domain investors need a second to sit back and dream! Here, you’re asked to share one single-word .COM domain name that you would like to own in an ideal world.

    So far, heavy hitters such as,, and have all been mentioned. Which single-word .COM domain would you love to own?

    Topic by: @Levi_charlz

    .COM Prices Increasing at Verisign

    It was confirmed this week that Verisign is due to increase the wholesale price of a .COM domain name from $7.85 to $8.39. Registrars usually charging a markup on top of this, too.

    How are domain name investors reacting to this news? Will a .COM price increase see any investors with large portfolios adapting their strategies to counter higher renewal fees?

    Topic by: Sold for $1.25 Million

    Ron Jackson’s DNJournal confirmed this week that the domain name had been sold for $1.25 million. The sale was facilitated by brokers and Dotkeeper. was acquired by an NFT platform that was built to serve as the home of meme markets and trend exploration. Here, domain investors are reacting to the sale.

    Topic by: @Crysis

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  6. BradWilson

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    Thanks for another Top Topics of the week.
  7. lyman

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    .com the is crown of all domain extensions
    Corona lockdowns bring more and more people to the virtual world and almost everything is done over the web
    The result = the whole virtual space is getting crowded so the biggest winner will be always .com
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2021
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    ty Mr James for the weekly round up. :)
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    That's great
  11. 339-2OO-9O48 RlchinY

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    Me encanta leer sobre ventas de dominios.
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