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Top Topics: .CO vs .NET - Which is Better?; How Do You Keep Track of Your Domains?...

By James Iles, Feb 28, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we take a look at the potential qualities that differentiate successful domain investors from unsuccessful ones. Elsewhere, an investor asks for opinions on the .CO versus the .NET extension, and how do you keep track of your domain names?

    Also, a domainer is looking for recommendations for the best registrar to manage five-hundred or more domains, and an experienced investor is back with more advice for newbies.

    The Qualities That Differentiate Successful Domainers from Unsuccessful Ones

    The fact is that there are swathes of successful domain investors making significant money from domain names. At the same time, there are hundreds of unsuccessful investors that are struggling to turn a profit or create a domain sales opportunity.

    How, then, do you become a successful investor? Are there certain qualities that differentiate successful investors from unsuccessful ones? Do successful investors make learning and knowledge a priority, or is it purely down to access to money?

    Topic by:

    .CO vs .NET - Which is Better?

    The .CO and .NET extensions have traditionally been the most common alternatives to a .COM when the .COM is inaccessible or unavailable. Lately, startups seem to covet .CO over .NET, according to my own findings. However, is one better than the other?

    When you take time to analyze both extensions, does one come out as a better extension for end-users and domain investors alike? Does pricing, TLD awareness, or brand-ability count when comparing these extensions?

    Topic by: @acs6656

    How Do You Keep Track of Your Domains?

    Some domain investors own and operate portfolios consisting of thousands, or even tens of thousands of domain names. The organization of domain names is key; therefore, to ensure that the right domain names are renewed, names are showing the correct asking prices, and more.

    How, then, do you keep track of domain names? In this discussion, an investor is considering switching from using an Excel spreadsheet to something else. Would you recommend a product or solution for keeping track of a domain name portfolio?

    Topic by: @DigitalRoar

    Which Is the Best Registrar for 500 Domains or More?

    In a similar vein to tracking your domain portfolio, a good domain name registrar is vital to operating a sizable portfolio. If you own hundreds or thousands of domains, there are going to be registrar tasks that you'd prefer to administer in bulk.

    There are tens of leading domain name registrars to choose from, but which is best for portfolios of five-hundred or more? Here, a domain investor is looking for recommendations on which registrar they should choose.

    Topic by: @Keith

    Advice for New Investors, Part 4

    Experienced domain investor @johnn has been offering advice publicly to new investors for some time, in the form of ten short and concise points. Here, @johnn releases his fourth installment in his series, offering advice to new domain investors in particular.

    The advice offered ranges from buying and selling at auctions to what to do if you have an issue with a company in the domain name space.

    Topic by: @johnn

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    .com is 👑 on the throne
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    .com > .co > .net in my opinion
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