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Top Topics: .BTC Domains Now Available; Am I Wrong to Like .AI?...

By James Iles, Jun 13, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we look at a report that .BTC domain names are now available to register via a Bitcoin sidechain. Will you register any? Elsewhere, domainers react to the recent $125,000 sale of, and is it wrong to like the .AI extension?

    .BTC Domains Now Available

    Bitcoin, often abbreviated to BTC, has become a mainstream asset class and while Bitcoin’s value is currently trading far lower than its $63,000 all-time-high, the cryptocurrency still commands substantial interest.

    Now, Bitcoin and domains can be closer associated thanks to the news of the release of the .BTC extension, which is available via the Bitcoin sidechain, Stacks. Ethereum domains, .ETH, have been available for some time.

    Topic by: @Lox Sold for $125,000

    Sedo’s senior domain broker, Dave Evanson, revealed this week that he co-brokered the sale of for $125,000, alongside his Sedo colleague Mirabelle Tayar. As of writing, the buyer of the domain hasn’t been revealed.

    However, that hasn’t stopped the industry from commenting on the deal! Is this an undervalued domain, or were you impressed with the $125,000 sales price? The opinion so far is split.

    Topic by: @Crysis

    Am I Wrong to Like .AI Domains?

    Both .CO and .IO have produced millions of dollars in sales this year and are currently among the most popular alternatives to .COM. In recent years, the .AI extension has been lurking behind .CO and .IO in terms of adoption by startups and end-users in general.

    Will .AI have its chance to shine, though? This domain investor wants to know whether they’re wrong for liking the .AI extension. Is it purely .AI’s registration fees that are holding it back from becoming a more popular extension among both investors and end-users?

    Topic by: @Truespin Domains

    Facebook Revealed as Buyer

    Social media giant Facebook owns a portfolio of incredible domain names. From to, and from to, Facebook hasn’t been afraid to spend money to purchase the best domain names it can, especially exact-match .COM’s for its products.

    A new rumored project from Facebook is Bulletin and recently, WHOIS information revealed that Facebook acquired the exact-match recently. How much did they spend on this domain?

    Topic by: @James Iles

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