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Hopefully you're done shopping for the Holidays! About time for this week's Top Topics column here at NamePros:

Black Friday deals involving domain services are still ongoing, so find out where to save money. Do you know the path your domain buyers follow to get in touch for a domain? The World Cup in Qatar is an opportunity to spot domain names promoted at this global football (soccer) event. Read a great interview with Elie Eweka about his "Accidental Domain Investor" book. Should you tap into the traffic of expired domain names of financial institutions that dissolved?

Black Friday Deals 2022
A kind NamePros member did all the digging and the hard work so that you can enjoy the biggest deals in domain related services. Black Friday 2022 extends beyond that day; it's followed by an entire weekend of deals, then Cyber Monday, followed by several more days of great deals. Whether you're looking to register or transfer domains, you can find some nice discounts here.

Topic by @aelko

Where do buyers go usually?
Do you know where the bulk of your domain inquiries arrive from? Landing pages can convert into sales if there is clear contact information available, whether it's custom landers or via domain aftermarket marketplaces but the latter are usually anonymous. Then there's some wishful thinking about using the contact information in the WHOIS. Find out what other domain investors experience.

Topic by @Denismth

Premium domain names spotted in Qatar during the ongoing FIFA World Cup
Football (soccer) fans are having a great spectacle, what with the FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar. The most popular sport in the world attracts advertisers that promote their brands and products on the field. Share the domain names you spotted in this fun thread!

Topic by @xcloud123

Review and Interview: Accidental Domain Investor by Elie Eweka
The book Accidental Domain Investor was published by long-time domain investor Elie Eweka. Tapping a domain industry professional's resources is a valuable shortcut to potential success; the lengthy interview by NamePros author, Bob Hawkes, is a must-read!

Topic by @Bob Hawkes

Expired domains of financial institutions
Domain names expire all the time; while they were in use by companies such as financial institutions, the residual domain traffic could have been significant. Excluding obvious cases involving trademarks, is it risky to capture or register such domain names for their traffic? Domain investors discuss this potential approach to PPC earnings.

Topic by @TheFreedomChaser

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Thanks for mention, and another great rundown of topics, @Acroplex.
I must search more for the domains at the World Cup – I was concentrating on the football :ROFL:
I think how buyers seek and find names is a really important topic – lots of great discussion already.