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In this week's Top Topics, we examine whether the meta domain name craze has slowed after some sizable recent sales. Elsewhere, we discuss the strategy for testing new landing pages and we receive news that the Bird.com domain name has sold.

Do You Point All Domains to New Landing Pages During Testing?

Within the domain industry, we have many innovative services that can help to improve sell-through rates and enable us to become more successful investors. Experimenting with these new services can be extremely beneficial, as @AbdulBasit.com discovered when he started to test the Afternic marketplace for selling domains.

When testing, do you switch all of your domain names to the new service or landing page you're experimenting with, or do you test the service with a small number of domains first? That's the question being asked here. What do you do?

Topic by: @gericsb

Has the Meta Craze Slowed?

If you look through the NameBio database for the top sales from the past month, you'll notice plenty of "meta" keyword domain sales including Meta.so for $149,000 and MetaFB.net for $30,000. This activity, largely fueled by Facebook's rebranding to Meta, spurred a craze of "meta" keyword domain sales and acquisitions.

Has this craze slowed, though? One "meta" keyword domain holder thinks so. Despite receiving numerous offers in the week after Facebook's rebranding, this domainer hasn't received any interest in the last week or two.

Topic by: @uglydork

What If You Own a Domain in Multiple Extensions?

Upon acquiring a domain name, some investors will buy the matching keyword in other domain extensions. For example, if you acquire example.com, you might try to acquire example.co, example.io, or example.xyz, too. If you do own the same domain in multiple extensions, what do you do when an inquiry comes in?

If someone inquires about one domain name, should you try to sell them all the extensions you own for that specific domain? Or, would that complicate negotiations?

Topic by: @Rumandcoke

Bird.com Domain Name Sells

The Bird.com domain name has quite a recent history. It originally was listed as selling in a Right of the Dot auction for $2.5 million, but this ended up being the subject of a lawsuit after the buyer reportedly failed to pay. Now, though, it seems the domain has sold.

Not a lot is known about the buyer, other than the fact that the new registrant is listed as residing in the Netherlands. The sales price for Bird.com is unknown.

Topic by: @NickB

What Are Your Domaining Plans for December?

The end of 2021 is fast approaching, and what a year it has been for digital investors in general. NFTs, cryptocurrency, and domain names have all had bullish years as the lure of digital asset investment becomes more mainstream. As the year comes to an end, we want to know what your domaining plans are for December.

If you set specific dollar or portfolio targets at the beginning of the year, have you achieved those targets? December is often a time of opportunity in the domain space as both individuals and companies try to achieve either sales or acquisition targets. It's also a time to reflect on the year and plan a strategy for 2022. What are your domaining plans for December?

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

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