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Top Topics: Are Your September Sales Down, Too?; How Many Names Have You Dropped in 2020?...

By James Iles, Sep 27, 2020
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, investors share the longest domain names in their portfolios, and just how do you win auctions when they close while you’re sleeping? Elsewhere, a domainer asks whether your sales for September are down, and how do you safely sell a domain name in exchange for bitcoin?

    What Is the Longest Domain That You Own?

    Domain names can be up to sixty-three characters in total, but we rarely cover any acquisitions or sales anywhere close to that length. Short, concise names are popular with investors and end-users alike, but some specific long-tail names are still desirable.

    Here, domain investors are prompted to share the longest domain that they own. This is certainly just for a bit of fun, so submit your longest name and see what others own! It’s interesting to note that some investors have clear acquisition guidelines and will not purchase anything over a specific number of characters.

    Topic by: @RogueWriter

    The Auctions Close When I’m Asleep. What Can I Do?

    For those based in the US, you may not necessarily be aware of this problem, but for the rest of the world, domain auctions can end at inconvenient times. This investor from south east Asia has difficulty in participating in GoDaddy auctions since they tend to close during the night or in the early hours of the morning.

    In this situation, what would you do? Some have suggested submitting a proxy bid with their maximum price, while others are recommending setting alarms or asking someone else to bid on their behalf. What would you do?

    Topic by: @newdawndomains

    Are Your Sales Down in September?

    An investor with a sizable portfolio of several thousand domains has revealed that September has brought zero sales in the $0-$999 range. According to this domainer, they sold one every two days in Spring and Summer, but sales in the three-figure range have dried up in September.

    Other investors have also revealed that September is proving to be a bad month for them sales-wise. What has been your experience this month?

    Topic by: @twiki

    How Many Domains Have You Dropped This Year?

    Many domain investors are constantly reviewing their portfolios to see which names are worth keeping, and which aren’t. Perhaps if a domain has never received an offer, it’s a candidate for being dropped.

    In this discussion, an investor has asked other domainers to reveal how many domain names they have dropped this year. It seems that the majority have dropped at least one or two names in 2020.

    Topic by: @Save Breach

    How Do I Safely Perform a Bitcoin Transaction?

    Bitcoin is used the world over as a payment option for countless items, physical and digital. Even domain names are bought and sold using bitcoins in certain situations, but it can be difficult.

    Here, a domain investor has received an offer for a domain name with the offer valued at over $8,000. However, the investor wants to pay in bitcoin. How do you allow your buyer to pay in bitcoin without any risk involved? What are the options if the only way to close a deal is to allow the buyer to pay in cryptocurrency?

    Topic by: @ecommerce_guru

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  6. Bob Hawkes

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    Nice selection @James Iles and indicative of the valuable content the NamePros community bring to the site every week. I had not noticed the BTC payment thread before you mentioned it, and will go to check it out. Thanks.
  7. The Durfer

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    DOMAIN ILLUMINATI Owner of ▲ the most expensive domain of all time. VIP Gold Account

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    Well summarized - but reagrding your statement ...

    ... I want to remind that it's actually domains (and not domain names) that can be up to 63 characters in total while domain names can have up to 253 (254 including the ((in)visible) dot of the root zone) characters in total.


    DOMAIN NAME (all sub - level domains + the top - level domain + all dots)

    DOMAIN (sub - or top - level domain)

    Unsurprisingly 253 (254) character domain names are only a microscopic fraction of the number of all existing domain names but nevertheless they exist and surely not without a reason ...
  9. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Another nice selection of threads. Thanks James!
  10. Save Breach

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  11. Top 4L [email protected] VIP Gold Account

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  12. WatchDogue

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    Top Topics is always a fav place to visit and be reminded about the great threads and posts I should be certain to look over!

    Thanks James!
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