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Top Topics: Are Handshake Domains the Future?; Clubhouse Acquires…

By James Iles, May 9, 2021
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, we learn that audio-based social network Clubhouse acquired, and are Handshake domain names the future? Elsewhere, we look at .IO’s recent bubble and there’s an interesting article from Protocol.

    Clubhouse Acquires

    Audio-based social network Clubhouse has become a phenomenon since it was created in 2020. The company has seen enormous growth in active users and has recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding at a $4 billion valuation.

    It was confirmed this week that Clubhouse recently acquired, upgrading from The company also switched to the @Clubhouse Twitter handle. Raymond Hackney (@equity78) shared that in addition to, the company acquired for $4,995.

    Topic by: @James Iles

    Are Handshake Domains the Future?

    Handshake domains are defined as top level domain names that can be owned outright on the decentralized, permissionless naming protocol, Handshake. According to Kraken, Handshake seeks to replace ICANN’s role as a central authority for domain names.

    Are, then, Handshake domain names the future of domain name investing? There have already been reports of large Handshake sales including Namecheap’s acquisition of p/ for $230,000. Do you believe that Handshake domains are the future?

    Topic by: @Synozeer Sells for $89,999. Is .IO the Next .COM?

    On Friday, founder Mike Carson announced the sale of for $89,999. Carson, who owns a sizable portfolio of the best .IO names available, has also recently sold and for $100,000 each. There have also been several high five-figure .IO sales revealed recently.

    The sale of has made one investor wonder whether the .IO trend will continue, perhaps leading to a million-dollar .IO sale. This has led to a hot debate on the future of .IO. Do you think .IO will go up or down from here?

    Topic by: @dnbrokership

    The Plot to Kill .COM

    New media company Protocol, from the same company as Politico, recently published an article entitled “The Plot to Kill .COM,” which has piqued the interest of the domain industry. The article features quotes from the likes of GoDaddy’s @Paul Nicks and former Uniregistry owner @Frank.Schilling. The article also includes a chat with the founders of Angel Studios, which just acquired for $2 million.

    This discussion reacts to the article while debating the .COM dominance. Would anything kill .COM? With .COM and .NET domains accounting for 45% of all domain names, and with Verisign revealing that registrations increased 4% in Q4 2020 compared with Q4 2019, it seems unlikely that .COM’s dominance could ever be challenged.

    Topic by: @Lox

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  6. The Durfer

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    Ty Mr James
  7. FMy

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    Thanks @James Iles

    As always, I wait for this Top Topics post for my weekly forum perusal.
    Enough said, it's time to go through those posts now

  8. Linorth

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    handshake domains are too centralized to be the future. (SCI-Hub moved away after one day once they saw how centralized that blockchain is)

    its just a cash grab and will never catch on imo.
  9. Samer

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    handshake domains too convoluted to b future
    Last edited: May 24, 2021
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