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Top Topics: Are All Single Word Domains Valuable?; Changed Hands for $1.95 Million...

By James Iles, Aug 1, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we look at single word .COM domain names to discuss their value. Are all single word .COM domains valuable? Elsewhere, an investor shares details of a recent negotiation that started at $100 and ended in a $10,000 sale.

    Are All Single Word Domains Valuable?

    If you’ve followed the domain name industry for more than a couple of weeks, you’ll have likely come across one or more sales reports featuring sales of single-word domain names. In the last few weeks, for example, the likes of,, and have all sold for five- or six-figures each.

    Does that mean that all single-word .COM domain names are valuable? Here, a domainer has revealed that they registered a large number of dictionary word .COM domains, but is having trouble selling them.

    Topic by: @huwenbin

    I Sold a BTC Domain for $10,000

    A successful domain name investor, who has previously revealed successes such as the $720,000 sale of, is back with news of another domain sale. This one is in a completely different ballpark to the $720,000 sale, but noteworthy nonetheless.

    According to the discussion, the domain name is a Bitcoin-related domain. The negotiations started with just a $100 inbound offer from the eventual buyer, which was turned into a $10,000 sale.

    Topic by: @Keith

    Some Very Interesting Changes in Pricing During 2021

    After a slow sales period, this domain investor has changed a few things and now they have described rapid sales growth. This discussion looks in some depth at the strategy changes that this investor has made.

    We learn that the domainer has had a sharp decline in low three-figure sales, but has also increased domain asking prices across the board, which has reportedly resulted in more sales. There are far more insights in the discussion.

    Topic by: @twiki Changed Hands for $1,950,000

    Domain investor George Kirikos has uncovered yet another seven-figure sale. With many sales disclosed in company SEC filings but not announced publicly, it takes significant time and effort to discover and shine a light on these sales.

    This time, Kirikos has found evidence that confirms that the two-letter .COM domain changed hands for $1,950,000 earlier in 2021. The domain was purchased by ironSource, an Israeli software company.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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  6. BradWilson

    BradWilson Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Thanks @James Iles your write up inspired me to pickup my first dot io in a very long time and I think I'll be developing it :)

    Last edited: Aug 1, 2021
  7. ddfenton

    ddfenton Established Member

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    Great article - thanks but ... the article focused on .coms. Forgive me if I missed this but
    curious about the new TLD's - I have and and they are listed on Epik at ridiculously low prices (below wholesale - although I just raised them a bit) as renewal is pricey - and I've listed them for more also - no response.

    I don't know if it's the TLD, which I thought wen't well with the word.

    5G is 2 characters - I know maybe 5G is old news, but I had it in 2018 when it was still relevant. I am doing no marketing, so that may be it but are new TLD one words selling or is it contingent on the name itself, along with where it's marketed. I am fairly sure a broker could unload these, but when I had them on Uniregistry with a broker, also got no response.

    Estibot puts at $940 I think - pretty low - and I know estibot is largely ignored by sophisticated buyers but that isn't my market, so I've placed it substantially under that as I'm trying to clean out my portfolio and exit. is at 0.

    Advice? I am dreading let it go and watching it sell for more than I'm asking in a name-drop type auction.
    Why are people will to drop a few hundred on those and not buy for a name for $69 directly from the seller. Don't get it.

    So just to be concise:

    1. In general value of one-word new TLD's ?

    I'm on Epik mostly, a litlle bit of Dan. I find Epik is good for sales under $100 especially for divesting under $50 domains. I've not sold a name there for over $100. Afternic and Sedo are a pain in the neck - Afternic less so no - and no offers. No action at Uniregistry.

    All my domains are priced for wholesale under $1500 - most under $500, many under $100 at this point as I'm divesting. Never any response on this board so I've stopped listing auctions here than have sold easily at Epik for more. For instance I'll list something at $25 here and sell for $39 at Epik. And these are names that would go for maybe $150 - $500 if auctioned by godaddy (as owner).

    2. Other suggestions for low-budge priced but decent domain names - two words or under - .coms?

    3. Why do people buy a name for $69-$79 and up at a name drop auction, or a registry auction of expired names and not directly from the seller?

    I am having problems with Epik's servers. Put in a complaint ticket and they said they're aware and working on it. So I am staying parked as I like the company. I have called twice and it's not fixed. I can't find some of my domains - it doesn't connect easily, quickly and sometimes not at all.

    4. Anyone else have this issue?

    Last edited: Aug 1, 2021
  8. The Durfer

    The Durfer Wesley Sweatman VIP Gold Account

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  9. ddfenton

    ddfenton Established Member

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    Ok shorter - Are 1 word domains valuable if not .coms and new tlds?
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