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Reza Sardeha rolls out as a real estate market disruptor; Domainer receives an offer for their oldest domain name; Becoming a domain registrar is inherently expensive; Afternic launches "lead center" as a beta; Epik launched club for domain investors. Founder Reza launches to disrupt commercial real estate
Reza Sardeha, founder and former CEO of, has moved on to new projects. One of them,, aspires to disrupt the real estate market, lowering the cost of acquiring your first home. Is it feasible in this global economy of high interest rates?

Topic by @silentg

Received an Offer for my Oldest Domain Name
A domain investor received an offer for a domain name registered 23 years ago; as his oldest domain, the offer of $5,000 dollars isn't that spectacular and he's considering auctioning off the domain, attracting other bidders. What would you do?

Topic by @jamaltq

I want to become a registrar. Why is the process so expensive?
Becoming an ICANN-accredited domain registrar has strict requirements and it asks a sizable budget from those who take on this venture. A domain investor seeking to launch his own registrar wonders about where all these fees go to.

Topic by @ashish1dev

Afternic launches the lead center beta
Fans of Afternic will be pleased to see that the marketplace has introduced a task list that displays the daily progress. Brokers now populate the "lead center" with up-to-date information about domain transactions; GoDaddy is finally rolling out features the Uni Market possessed for a decade.

Topic by @TangoTango

Epik Launches Domain Investor Club
If you must use Epik despite a series of major issues such as non-payment of Mastebucks balances, here's a fresh opportunity: The Epik Domain Investors Club. The registration cost prices aren't thrilling, the perks sound like promises, but hey, it's your money. Find out what other frustrated domain investors would like to warn you about!

Topic by @bhartzer

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