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Top Topics: Another Five-Figure Sale Revealed; Share Your Favorite New gTLD Names...

By James Iles, Feb 23, 2018
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    In this week's Top Topics, domain investors are showcasing their five favorite new gTLD names from their own portfolios and a domainer shares a number of examples of outbound sales emails for use in a varying number of situations. Elsewhere, the sale of a two-word .COM domain closed in a five-figure Bitcoin transaction is revealed. Acquired by Ziff Davis

    Black Friday is an annual phenomenon that has become a crucial day in the calendar for US retailers. Online sales continue to grow with $5.03 billion being spent online by consumers for Black Friday 2017. The exact-match domain has proven to be a popular destination for consumers, with Alexa estimating a peak rank of just above ten thousand in November 2017.

    Domain investor George Kirikos (@GeorgeK) took to NamePros to reveal the news that the domain has been acquired by Ziff Davis, an American publisher and Internet company that owns Mashable, and to name just a few.

    The domain was acquired from domain investor Kevin Ham's portfolio.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

    Share Your Five Favourite New gTLD Names

    Despite opposition from many domain investors, new domain extensions (new gTLD's) continue to be an attractive investment for some domainers. In this discussion, investors are invited to share their favourite five new gTLD's names that they own.

    Taking a look through some of the curated lists on display shows some interesting and creative uses of new extensions.

    Topic by: @lolwarrior

    My Third Five-Figure Sale of 2018

    Domain investor @Recons.Com has had an impressive start to 2018, having already posted a couple of five-figure sales. This week, this domainer published details of another five-figure sale, completed in Bitcoin. According to the discussion, the initial offer was $5,000 before finally agreeing to a deal worth $12,500.

    Interestingly, this deal was finalised over the phone without the use of escrow. The domain, revealed in the discussion, is a two-word .COM that the investor had owned for around eight years.

    Topic by: @Recons.Com

    Outbound Email Examples

    Outbound domain sales are a popular way of creating cash flow for domain investors. By contacting potential end users instead of waiting for them to come to you, you can create sales opportunities. It is, however, a fine art that most are still perfecting.

    Here, a domain investor shares several possible outbound email samples that are relevant for a number of different situations.

    Topic by: @rohitgoyal

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    @James Iles Thank you so much for all the important work you do collecting and organizing the industry news on the forum and outside! You are one of the reasons I am subscribed to this section of the forum.
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