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Top Topics: All $10,000 Domain Sales from the Past Year; Raising the BIN During Negotiations?...

By James Iles, Nov 3, 2019
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, we explore an interesting negotiation strategy in which an investor suggests raising their “buy now” price, a domainer lists every single sale of $10,000 or more from the last year and two years after a five-figure sale, the seller realizes that the domain is still parked!

    All $10,000 Domain Sales from the Past Year

    NameBio is one of the most comprehensive resources for domain sales available to domain investors. The data available at NameBio can influence purchase and sales decisions on a daily basis.

    Here, an investor has compiled a list of every single domain name that has been sold for over $10,000 in the past year. It’s a helpful compendium to see what type of names are currently selling for higher prices.

    Topic by: @koolkr

    Raising the BIN During Negotiations

    At the marketplace, sellers have the option of adding a “buy now” price to their listing, alongside an offer box. In this instance, this investor had both a “make offer” option and a “buy now” price.

    After receiving an offer below the “buy now” price, the investor started researching the potential of the domain name, and decided it could be more valuable than the “buy now” price, so the “buy now” option was removed from the listing.

    Is it acceptable or ethical to add a new, higher “buy now” price to the listing during an active negotiation?

    Topic by: @vast

    I Sold a Domain for $xx,xxx. Now It’s Parked

    Have you ever sold a name and monitored it’s usage over the next few months and years? Some names are developed extremely quickly after a purchase, and some just lay dormant.

    In this discussion, an investor reveals that they sold a domain name for five-figures to a Hollywood producer some years ago. The name is currently resolving to a free parking page. How many domains that are sold to end users are never developed?

    Topic by: @xynames

    Should Epik Introduce 72 Hour Post-Pay?

    After a couple of courtesy registrations in the last few weeks, Epik CEO Rob Monster has asked the community whether anyone would use a feature in which you can register a domain name, and pay the registration fee up to 72 hours later.

    Is there a need for this type of service? The reaction from investors is mixed so far.

    Topic by: @Rob Monster Gets Renewed

    This week, one of the biggest talking points has been the auction of, which expired recently and entered a GoDaddy Expiring Auction. The name has an extensive history, as it was used as the base for a news network that was active in 238 markets in the US and Canada. It also has a lot of valuable backlinks.

    With the name reaching a price of $126,000 a couple of days ago, it was being monitored extremely closely by the domain industry. However, the name seems to have been renewed, so the auction is void. This has developed into a wider discussion about the policies of GoDaddy Auctions that allows domain names to be renewed during the expired auction process. This isn’t the first instance, and isn’t likely to be the last, either.

    Topic by: @equity78

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    Thanks for the great run-down of articles @James Iles . I agree the Examiner story, and the saga of when auctions should start, is a very important topic. Like to thank @equity78 for all the leadership, logical arguments, and historical perspective he brings to this and other topics on NamePros.

    You always seem to find one topic I have totally missed, despite all the time I spend on NamePros, and this time it was the $10k+ sales posted by @koolkr . Wow what a great contribution! (y)(y) You may have only posted 29 times since 2007 but if this is indicative what fantastic contributions. If others have missed it be sure to check it out - all nicely broken down by niches.

    Thanks again,

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    hiii... I really liked this post this is very nice unique information and helpful Thank you so much...
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    interesting and useful information...
    I appreciate your work...
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