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Top Topics: A Hand Registered Domain Sells in 47 Minutes; Your Happiest Domaining Moment?...

By James Iles, Oct 21, 2016
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, we take a look at the rare and impressive feat of selling a domain name just 47 minutes after the name was registered. We also look at the at the happiest moment in domaining for various investors, and we tackle the subject of buying a domain from an owner who’s passed away.

    Here’s this week’s Top Topics.

    Sold In 47 Minutes!

    What’s your fastest domain sale? It’s probably been beaten by this one! Domain investor @boker told the community recently that he had hand registered a domain name, and put it up for sale on various marketplaces as usual.

    Just 47 minutes after registering the domain, someone clicked the “Buy Now” button and bought the domain name for just under $1,000. That’s a great return on investment in less than an hour.

    Topic by: @boker

    What’s Your Happiest Moment In Domaining So Far?

    If you need a happy distraction today, then head over to this discussion in which investors are sharing their happiest moments in their domain investing careers so far.

    There are tales of five and six figure domain name sales, and even clearing debt from domaining income. It’s very refreshing to see such positivity.

    Topic by: @elevator

    Why I Never Give a Time Limit to Interested Buyers

    Michael Rader, founder of the brandable domain marketplace Brandroot, has shared an interesting discussion about time limits on offers, which was inspired by a recent conversation with a domain seller.

    According to Michael, he doesn’t give a time limit on any counter offer he sends a potential buyer, and lists five reasons as to why he operates in this manner. It’s a great read.

    Topic by: @Brandroot

    Buying a Domain From an Owner Who Has Passed Away

    An investor has asked the community for advice after attempting to acquire a domain name. As it happens, the domain’s owner has unfortunately passed away, and the registrar has no contact details for the owner’s relatives.

    Is it unethical to attempt to buy a domain from the owner’s family in this situation? Should the investor pursue this purchase to give the owner’s family funds from a domain they likely knew little about? Have your say.

    Topic by: @Insha010

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    Interesting stories!
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    Most fast offer recived (via SEDO ) was after 2 day's after registred a domain . Offer was low so i decline
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    Nice tips!
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