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In this week’s edition of Top Topics, we take a look at a domain investor’s small case study of his success after registering one-hundred domains last year. We also discuss the new .APP domain extension and we find out whether “make offer” or “buy now” marketplace listings are more successful amongst domainers.

Elsewhere, the France.com debacle is discussed and an investor asks for advice about an unsolicited inquiry.

France Seizes France.com

In the news this week has been the story of that the original registrant of France.com, has sued the French Republic after the France.com domain was transferred to France's Ministry of Foreign Affairs earlier this year.

Since this is such a high profile domain name that was allegedly seized without warning, the news has produced a large reaction amongst domain investors and has resulted in the most popular discussion of this week.

Topic by: @Constantin S


Poll: Which Is More Successful?

When creating a landing page or a marketplace listing, you typically have two options. You can either indicate that you are accepting offers, or you can create a "buy now" listing through which the name can immediately be sold without interaction.

Which is the most successful model? This discussion, along with a poll, give an idea of which has given domainers the highest return.

Topic by: @Federer

A Case Study on Hand Registration

Hand registering domains in bulk can be a profitable source of income if you know what you're doing. Last week's Top Topics covered an investor's attempt to bulk-register twenty-thousand names, which ultimately lead to zero sales.

After registering one-hundred names in a $2 promotion last year, this domainer has given an insight into how bulk registrations can be successful, producing a $1,550 net profit.

Topic by: @rohitgoyal

Will .APP Raise Demand?

In 2015, Google won the rights to the .APP domain extension and after three years, the Internet giant is opening the extension for general availability. As of May 7th 2018, .APP domains will be available to the public.

Will the .APP extension prove to be popular? More importantly for investors, will it represent an opportunity to acquire and subsequently sell some of the best names?

Topic by: @isankett

How Do I Respond to This Unsolicited Offer?

It's a situation that many investors have experienced. An unsolicited inquiry lands in your inbox asking you to name your price for a domain. How should you respond? Do you ask for an offer first, or do you send out an asking price?

This question has been posed by an investor and the community has responded with varying advice. If you find yourself in a similar quandary, this discussion may be your first port of call for advice.

Topic by: @TheBlueprint

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