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Top Topics: $63,000 in Domain Sales in 24 Hours; To Counter or Not to Counter?...

By James Iles, Oct 19, 2019
  1. Domain investor and broker James Booth (@BoothDomains) announced his latest acquisition yesterday, the three-letter .COM name Today, he has tweeted the news that the domain has been sold! Congratulations to James on another quick flip.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    End-User Demand

    This is possibly one of the most valuable discussions of 2019. Written by domainer @Dave, this discussion focuses on the concept of end-user demand. As is evident by sales price data, end-users often pay the most for a domain name.

    The concept of end-user demand is examined here, and this may just help you become a little more selective with your domain acquisitions.

    Topic by: @Dave

    I Sold 2 Domains in 1 Day for $63,000

    March 1st, 2019 turned out to be one of the luckiest days in this investors’ life as they sold two domain names for a grand total of $63,000 from a very low combined acquisition cost. The day started as the investor woke up to a $38,000 “Buy Now” sale, meaning that the buyer didn’t negotiate, but immediately purchased the name for the asking price.

    Reveling from this sale, the investor then received $25,000 for another domain in their portfolio. Totaling $63,000 in the space of one day. More details of the domain names are available in this discussion.

    Topic by: @New.Life

    Poll: What Extension Are You Going For?

    There has been a lively debate on Twitter between a company founder and numerous domain investors after the founder announced plans to switch from the domain name to The founder made the switch to the one-word .CO domain name to differentiate from the “GetSupply” moniker that was becoming synonymous with the company.

    On the back of this, a hypothetical question has been posted. If you owned a company, branded on a single word (such as “Supply), which alternative domain extension would you go with, assuming that the .COM wasn’t for sale? The voting seems split so far.

    Topic by: @equity78

    I’ve Had No Sales Since July

    If you went three months without a single domain sale, would it be time to rethink your domaining strategy? This week, an investor has revealed that they haven’t had a sale since July, despite averaging around three per month before that.

    With the domainer owning a combination of brandable and two-word names, are sales purely down to luck? Fortunately, other domain investors have been quick to offer their advice and opinions.

    Topic by: @Mark4domain

    To Counter of Not to Counter?

    If you look at any website offering negotiation advice, you’re bound to find something that says you shouldn’t accept the first offer that has been submitted. Does that hold true with domain names?

    Does it ever make sense to accept the first offer you receive on a domain name, in case the buyer suddenly disappears? There’s an interesting story that prompted this question, which is available in the discussion.

    Topic by: @Soofi

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    Nice selection of topics, @James Iles ! I agree that they all are important discussions. Nice to see the thread by @Dave at top of the list. If any readers have not yet followed that thread, I hope they will do so.

    While the question of whether to counter an offer, or not, has been in various threads over the year, I think it is one topic that never gets old. I would love to see more discussion in that thread from those who have a long history of successful negotiating. Clearly there are no right and wrong answers on the topic, and the balance between not wanting to lose a sale but also not wanting to leave (too much) money on the table is always there.

    Thanks again for the great summary - I look forward to your posts every week.

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