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What is the best registrar to move 500 domain names to? One word domain acquired for a bargain price; PayPal suspended dotDB without explanation; is stolen, says the owner; Unconventional methods of promoting domains for sale.

Best registrar to move 500 domains to?
A domain investor is fed up with GoDaddy; they are seeking recommendations for registrars, in order to move a portfolio of 500 domain names to. NamePros members submitted their recommendation so find out which registrar comes up top.

Topic by @Keith

I bought a one word domain that seems too good to be true.
Getting a one-word domain name at a bargain price at GoDaddy auctions can mean a strike of luck, or the platform's failure to authorize such a sale. What happened in this case? Find out by joining in the discussion.

Topic by @reglas123

PayPal has suspended dotDB permanently without explanation.
DotDB is an online platform that can help you search for domains that meet certain criteria, such as a keyword string combined with specific length and TLD. Apparently, PayPal disabled their ability to use it for payments—Find out what's going on.

Topic by @silentg is stolen
The domain was auctioned off on NameJet for $1,999 but its owner says the domain was transferred without a confirmation of payment from the buyer. Network Solutions has been trying to figure out what's going on; meanwhile, the owner is convinced the domain has been stolen.

Topic by

Unconventional methods of advertising domain sales?
When you're willing to sell a domain name using "outside the box" methodology, how unconventional can you get depends on your imagination. Find out what other domain investors have done to promote their domain names across various channels.

Topic by @mlztkz

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