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By James Iles, Jan 25, 2020
  1. Recently, the original owner of the domain name took to NamePros' marketplace to sell the domain name. It was good news for the seller since they were able to find a buyer willing to offer an acceptable amount. The sales price isn’t known, but the name previously held a $99,999 asking price.

    Interestingly, the domain now forwards to, the platform for the one trillion tree community. If you delve deeper into, you'll see that the website has actually been built by the World Economic Forum. The 1T initiative launched in Switzerland this week, with financial backing from Salesforce founder Marc Benioff. The scheme has also been endorsed by President Trump.

    According to DomainIQ, the domain was recently acquired from GoDaddy's NameFind portfolio. I reached out to the previous owner of for comment, but I haven’t heard any response yet.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Which Domains Have You Lost?

    The peril of having tens, hundreds, or even thousands of domain names in a portfolio is that from time to time, mistakes can lead to you forgetting to renew your domain name, which in turn may lead to another company or investor snapping up the domain for development or resale. Lost expired domains may also arise from periods of illness or vacations.

    Are there any domain names that you regret losing? If you haven't lost a single name, why not share your organizational strategy for others to learn from.

    Topic by:

    What's After .COM?

    The majority of domain investors would acquiesce that .COM is the number one domain name extension in terms of sales volume, sales price, end-user adoption, and global recognition. However, it’s thanks to .COM’s dominance that some investors and end-users opt to acquire names in alternative extensions.

    Some alternative extensions have been adopted widely by end-users, such as .IO, but what is your personal favourite alternative extension? Your favorite could be influenced by your own portfolio, end-user adoption or your personal sales record in that extension.

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    Is There a Bias Against Some Extensions?

    This week, Google’s Search Liaison Danny Sullivan tweeted that domain names were the most important part of a URL for Google and that they haven’t removed domain names from search result listings because of their importance.

    The confidence in domain names from Google has made news within the domain industry as a positive news story, but something interesting to explore is a possible bias against some kinds of domain name extensions by search engines.

    SEO expert Bill Hartzer analysed search results for fifteen domain name extensions for domain names that held the same keyword that hosted content for that same keyword. Take a look at the results of this test to see whether you think there is any domain extension bias shown by Google.

    Topic by: @bhartzer

    Which Industry Values Domains the Most?

    To effectively sell some types of domain names, it's important to know the industries or niches that will place the most value into domain names. Industries such as SaaS (software as a service), financial technology, and trends such as cannabis can see end-users paying vast amounts for the right domain.

    Which industries do you think value domain names the most? You could agree with those listed above, or you may have other ideas such as real estate, legal or dental industries who rely on domains to bring in highly qualified leads.

    Topic by: @Tey

    Share Your Creative Outbound Emails

    We cover outbound marketing a lot on Top Topics. I've even written a series of articles with top broker @Mike Robertson about how to perform outbound sales for your domain name. I believe that for the right domain name, it can be a successful means of creating a sale and therefore creating cash flow for your domaining business.

    Here, investors are sharing their own outbound sales emails examples, and receiving critiques from other domains. If you perform outbound sales for your domains, there may be some useful tips within this discussion.

    Topic by: @Joe Nichols

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  6. Bob Hawkes

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    A lot of topics with important insights for domain investors. Thanks for the great compilation @James Iles. The idea that some industries value domains more than others is important in particular, in my opinion.
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    Thanks James...
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    Great post!! I agree with @Bob Hawkes that the advice on which industries value domains was a great part of the post.
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