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Following Friday’s revelation of the multi-million dollar sale of Yes.com, we have an additional sale to report. Another three-letter .COM domain, DBA.com, sold recently in a deal thought to be worth around $150,000. We were unable to independently verify the actual sales price. According to DomainIQ, the name recently moved to show Corporate Filings LLC as the new owner.

Here are this week’s Top Topics.

What Does the Future Hold for .BIZ?

The .BIZ extension was first introduced in 2001 and in that time, the extension has amassed a total of 1,881 listed sales on NameBio. The largest listed sale is that of e.biz for $66,001 in 2009.

Some investors have seen the attraction of the .BIZ extension, but based on registration statistics, it seems to be a TLD in decline.

In this discussion, a domainer has asked the community for their opinion on the.BIZ extension going forward. Does it have a future?

Topic by: @Steven McEvoy

A $13,000 Domain Sale is Reported

In recent editions of Top Topics, we have covered several domain sales worth over $10,000. This week, another investor has come forward to reveal their own five-figure deal.

The domain, a two-word .COM sold for $13,000 just eleven months after this domainer’s acquired the name for $1,260. Congratulations on an excellent return on investment!


I Sold a .Online Domain for $7,500

Another sale reported this week is a relatively rare four-figure transaction for a .Online domain. In fact, NameBio would list this as the third-largest sale of a .Online domain ever.

According to the discussion, the seller did leave money on the table, but $7,500 does reflect an excellent return on investment for a name in this extension. Congratulations on the sale.

Topic by: @vinsdomains.com

I Bought a .CA Domain for $20,000

We routinely see sales reported by domainers but it’s not very often that investors share their acquisitions. Here, @MapleDots candidly reveals their largest purchase to date.

This $20,000 acquisition was for a one-word .CA domain that will be used as part of this investor’s domaining business. The name is revealed in the discussion.

Topic by: @MapleDots

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