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Top 10 Sales This Year: Where Are They Now?

By James Iles, Jun 26, 2018
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    It's now just over halfway through 2018 and with six months worth of reported sales behind us, it's an opportune moment to take a look at the top sales of the year so far. DNJournal regularly charts verified sales that are indexed in a yearly top one hundred sales.

    We're going to take a look at the top ten sales from the first six months of 2018, as listed by DNJournal. Below, we'll discover how each name has been utilised after their sale.

    1. Super.com

    In March, the sale of Super.com headlined the extended NamesCon auction, hosted by Right of the Dot and NameJet. Previously owned by SOJCOM LLC, the name attracted a bid of $1.2 million to become the leading sale of the year so far.

    The seven-figure fee was paid by Investex Bank, formerly B2B Bank LTD based in the Caribbean. Disappointingly for us, the domain hasn't been used at all and remains parked.

    2. Great.com

    In at number two is Great.com. Another domain sold at the extended NamesCon auction, and another domain previously owned by SOJCOM LLC. The $900,000 fee for Great.com was paid by entrepreneur Erik Bergman. Erik joined Tess Diaz and Andrew Rosener (@arosener) on @DomainSherpa to explain why he decided to pay the almost seven-figure sum.

    As of writing, the name displays a landing page explaining Erik's vision for the name and the new charity behind it.

    3. Liquid.com

    Brokered by Starfire Holdings, the $700,000 sale of Liquid.com comes in at number three on our list. This one-word domain was acquired by Singapore-based Quoine, a financial company deeply invested in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

    The domain currently doesn't resolve, which could be considered to be odd when the company currently has a fully developed website hosted on the domain Liquid.plus.


    4. FO.com

    This is our only two-letter domain on the list and the second so far to sell to a cryptocurrency related company. The sale of FO.com was brokered by James Booth (@BoothDomains) for a total of $510,000. The name has been fully developed into a site branded as "Financial Offerings" which seems to provide a moderated list of upcoming cryptocurrency token offerings and ICO's.

    5. Vacation.rentals

    The largest non-.COM sale of the year is that of Vacation.rentals for $500,300. This substantial price was paid by Vacarent LLC's President Mike Kugler. The news of this sale was broken on DomainNameWire, where the buyer responded to comments and gave an interesting insight into why he paid what he did for Vacation.rentals.

    The name itself has been fully developed by Vacarent LLC. It's interesting to note that VacationRentals.com looks to be a direct competitor of this website.

    6. DAX.com

    This three-letter domain is another indication of the dominance that cryptocurrency has had on the domain industry. DAX.com sold at Sedo for $500,000, making it the 19th largest three-letter .COM domain sale of all time, according to NameBio.

    The DAX acronym could stand for "Digital Asset Exchange", with companies such as Coinbase using similar domains such as GDAX.com to host popular exchanges. Currently, DAX.com resolves to a default GoDaddy page with little indication of who actually owns this domain.

    7. Tokens.com

    Another domain brokered by Starfire Holdings and another name with strong connotations to the cryptocurrency market. Tokens are a virtual currency that reside on their own blockchain, representing an asset or utility.

    The Tokens.com name was acquired by Polymath a company looking to "tokenize security". The name currently displays a coming soon page.

    Token.com was also sold by Starfire Holdings this year, but that price hasn't been revealed.

    8. Home.loans

    The second non-.COM of our list is Home.loans. Acquired from the Donuts registry for $500,000 by entrepreneur Blake Janover, Home.loans has been developed into a website offering guidance on home loans. Along with the news of the $500,000 sale came a statement from Mr Janover telling readers exactly why he decided to buy the name.

    For a more detailed look at this sale, you can listen to the DomainNameWire podcast in which Andrew Alleman interviews Mr Janover.

    9. Inspection.com

    In February, @Kate Buckley of Buckley Media Group announced the company brokered the sale of Inspection.com for $335,000. The buyer was Asia Inspection, a supply chain company based in Hong Kong, which currently uses the domain AsiaInspection.com.

    The acquisition of Inspection.com could be considered as an upgrade to AsiaInspection.com, but the company is yet to utilise the domain. As of writing, the name displays a default GoDaddy page.

    10. EEN.com

    The last name in our list is EEN.com, which sold in May for $300,000 in a deal brokered by Larry Fischer (@changejobs). The domain was previously owned by Anything.com Ltd, a company that holds an impressive list of three-letter and one-word domains.

    EEN.com was acquired by Eagle Eye Networks, a company providing cloud-based video surveillance products. The name, which now hosts the company's website, was a significant upgrade from the previous name, EagleEyeNetworks.com.
    The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.
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    Thanks you for this fresh report. Cheers
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    i gonna bet at least one of the two gtld's sold is fraudulent.
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    Interesting...surprising that so many of these acquisitions have yet to be developed.
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    nice report
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    Great post, as a beginner I'm always looking for informations like this!
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