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Top 10 Domains Owned by Digimedia:,,

By James Iles, Jun 20, 2019
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    The majority of domain investors will have come across a domain owned by Digimedia at some point while navigating the web. Lead by founder Scott Day and president Jay Chapman, Digimedia started registering and acquiring an expansive portfolio of highly valuable domain names in the late 1990s.

    Today, the portfolio holds several thousand premium names that are largely monetized via Digimedia’s own custom parked pages. The company has also made their fair share of mammoth domain sales including for $825,000 and for around $1 million.

    With the help of DomainIQ, we’re attempting to list just ten of our favorite names from this portfolio. It’s a difficult task that has seen many six and seven-figure names such as,, and discarded. Do you agree with our top ten? Comment below.

    The first on our list is, a three-letter word that would be at home in the lucrative travel market. This may be a term that derives from an old English word, but it remains popular and is used in brand names such as Premier Inn and Holiday Inn.

    At one point in time, the domain had been developed into a search engine for accommodation, but as of writing the name is parked.

    Another three-letter .COM name on our list is, an industry-dominating domain name that has been the pride of place in the Digimedia portfolio since the 1990s. Sleep has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with sleep trackers, mattress manufacturers and sleep aid creators benefiting from huge amounts of funding in the wake of consumer interest.

    Major players in the sleep industry have acquired numerous premium names in recent years including,, and, so could be next?

    While looking through the Digimedia portfolio, a name that immediately stood out was This is the exact match domain name for a currency used by 343 million citizens in the European Union and is the second most traded currency behind the US Dollar.

    Digimedia’s portfolio contains plenty of examples of high-value four-letter domains, and far too many to put in this top ten. One of the standout names from this category is, thanks to its adaptability and its prevalent use in popular culture.

    From “dark mode” and “dark matter” to “dark room” and “dark horse”, “dark” can be used in many circumstances across a whole host of industries.

    Learning to read is one of the most important skills that anyone can attain, giving you access to as much information, and as many stories as you can handle. The combined e-book and book industries achieved almost one billion sales in the US alone in 2017, with services like Goodreads gaining popularity as readers search for their next book.

    The domain name would be a perfect addition at the heart of the book industry.

    Digimedia owns several culinary domain names including, but the spotlight today falls on We’ve chosen for our list because it has many qualities that make it a versatile domain that would be at home in a number of different industries, with the most obvious being cuisine. Cook is also a common surname, with an estimated 400,000 people in the US with that surname.

    The longer-form recently sold for over $400,000 at a Sedo auction, so it’s likely that would be worth more.

    This domain name, despite its pronunciation, has nothing to do with the adult industry, but it does have roots in a very lucrative niche nonetheless. Pawn shops are, according to Statista, used by over thirty million Americans each year with the industry estimated to be worth $14 billion per year.

    Whilst most pawn shops are locally-owned stores rather than chains, the first port of call is often online, with services such as PawnGuru working with over 250,000 clients.

    We have established so far that Digimedia owns numerous industry-dominating domain names in the culinary, sleep and travel niches. Here, we have another industry-defining name, Although this name may not be as strong as, is a powerful name that could be used within the multi-billion dollar wedding industry.

    Following on from is a domain that could very easily complement it, A name that could be used in the multi-billion dollar wedding dress industry. LinkedIn lists over eleven thousand companies that use the word “dress” in their name., according to, looks to be another domain name that was acquired in the 1990s by Digimedia, although based on its usage, it looks like it was an acquisition rather than a registration.

    In the past, we have praised animal domain names for their versatility and value. Investors and end users are willing to pay six-figures or more for this type of name, in some circumstances. The chicken is the most common domestic bird in the world, with an estimated 50 billion population. It’s also one of the most commonly eaten meats in the world with chains such as KFC, Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s selling tonnes of chicken daily.

    As with most names owned by Digimedia, domain name has been a part of the core portfolio since the late 1990s.
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    Thanks for another incredible post, James!
    What a fantastic set of names - I particularly like inn, read, cook and dress, although they all are fantastic.
    Thanks also for the background you provide. I had no idea that the US pawn shop industry is $14 billion a year. Wow, 11 thousand businesses include 'dress'.
    Thanks again.
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    Thanks for Sharing Nice Information
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    Inn and read is monster in my opinion.
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